Weekend Recap {May 8-10, 2015} - My Sweet Sixteen x2 Party

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I celebrated my birthday again over the weekend!

I also learned an important adult life lesson this weekend - I need to clean my house more often. The BF and I keep our house pretty tidy, but cleaning doesn't always happen on a regular basis. So when we're having people over, we have to clean our entire house. It's a bit overwhelming.

We spent ALL day Saturday getting ready for my birthday party and were totally exhausted on Sunday. But the party was totally worth it. We had so much fun with my family and our friends.

Friday, May 8

Friday was a crazy day at work, so I enjoyed an iced decaf coffee with coconut milk and maple syrup at Chapman Swifts when I met with a health coaching client after work.

When I got home, I laid on the couch for an hour and ate French macarons. I was exhausted.

The BF and I then made a HyVee trip to pick up ingredients for my birthday party treats. We bought some Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix! I'm excited to try it!

We grabbed a quick dinner at El Protrero. I really wanted a cheesey enchilada, but knew I would be indulging in lots of treats Saturday night at my party, so I opted for chicken with mango salsa, steamed vegetables and Mexican rice.

I spent the rest of the evening making party treats and cleaning the house for the party.

Saturday, May 9

For breakfast, I had oats with chia seeds, goji berries, almond milk, raspberries, cinnamon and almond milk. I also had some green juice with apple cider vinegar, a new ACV combo I've been drinking lately. I wanted to start the day on a healthy note since I would be indulging in treats later.

I taught two fitness class at the Good Sam Wellness Center - a HIIT class and a core class.

The rest of the day was party prep - cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, making treats, making a last minute trip to Target and decorating.

The BF and I ordered a chicken, onion and pepper pizza from Domino's, which we gobbled while running around the house doing last minute tasks minutes before guests arrived.

Then it was finally time to party! My theme was Sweet Sixteen x 2 because I turned 32 on May 1. I turned 16 in 1999, so there was also a 90's theme. I encouraged guests to channel their inner 90's self.

However, I dressed how I wanted my dream Sweet Sixteen to be as my 32 year old self - a bright pink poofy dress. When I was sixteen, I wore baggy T-shirts and jeans, and would never have worn this dress. But this is more my style now.

My dress is the Ballroom Glow Dress from Modcloth. I love it!

The party colors were pink and gold. I sprayed Ball jars with spray adhesive then sprinkled them with glitter for my flowers.

I bought all of my plates, napkins, straws, etc. and the piñata (which you'll see below) from Birthday Express (affiliate link). I always find fun party supplies that are affordable there.

I sprayed some wood letters with spray adhesive and sprinkled them with glitter to create this sparkly YUM, which was on the sweet treats table.

Fruit Loops were a surprising hit. I just thought they looked pretty on the table.

Vanilla Confetti Cookies.

Cake Batter Bark.

1 quart strawberry lemonade + 1 cup vodka + 1 bottle champagne = amazing!

Cheesecake Cake Batter Dip with graham crackers. Besides all the sweet treats, we had chips and salsa and Chex mix.

My mom made this beautiful pink champagne layer cake.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday!

And I ate cake! My window poofs matched my hair poof.

My niece wore my old Disney denim jacket from the 90's!

There was a pinata! We don't have a tree in our yard, so my brother held a long piece of wood while I swung at the pinata. Work with what you got.

I hit it a few times, then I let my niece hit the pinata until it broke. Then it was time to get the candy!

The boys took turns taking hits at the smashed pinata.

The BF and I.

Russanne's 90's look was perfect - high pony tail with a scrunchee, dark lipstick and her "college boyfriend's fraternity shirt."

Me, Beth and Russanne. I didn't get a good photo of our friends Betsy and Tony, but their 90's looks were also on point. Tony sported some 90's facial hair and Betsy rocked a choker, pigtail hair twists, a satin dress and black platform sandals. She looked straight out of a Delia's catalog.

It was such a wonderful night with my family and our friends! I think I drank the majority of the pitcher of champagne pink lemonade cocktail!

Sunday, May 10

I slept in late, but miraculously woke up without a hangover. For breakfast, I had Van's Gluten-Free Waffles topped with almond butter and raspberries and peanut butter and banana slices, chia seeds and honey.

Then there was lots of couch time, movie after movie and…cake.

I was incredibly exhausted all day Sunday. I don't think it was so much the party, but all the preparation that went into it.

We celebrated Mother's Day at my parent's house with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and my SIL's parents. My mom made lasagna, roasted asparagus, garlic bread and salad. I brought over all of our dessert leftovers.

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