Friday Faves {May 15, 2015}

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This week has been crazy!

On Tuesday, the Outdoor Fitness Pad at Yanney Park was installed. I've already had people tell me that they've gone out to try the equipment! It makes me so happy.

Then Wednesday was Walk Out on Your Job, a community event that promotes walking during the work day. We had about 500 people gather to go on a 1.5 mile walk, then we provided them with a lunch. I've been working with the Activate Buffalo County planning committee for months to organize this event, so it was awesome to see it come together.

Wednesday was also my graduation from Leadership UNK, a leadership class at work. I've been going to classes since last August. I had to miss the graduation ceremony for Walk Out on Your Job, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Last night, I was rushing around my house doing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning up and I realized that I hadn't taken a moment to celebrate. So I poured myself a glass of champagne and topped it with raspberries, and took some time to be grateful for such a crazy awesome week.

I hope you've had an awesome week as well. Please share your successes with me in the comments below!

Here are some of my recent favorite things...

Pacifica Natural Beauty Products - I won a beautiful box of Pacifica products during a Twitter chat with Live Well 360. I won the Odor Neutralizing Underarm Deoderant Wipes with Coconut Milk and Essential Oils, Jasmine & Coconut Water Facial Towelettes Makeup Removing Wipes and Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter. I've never used Pacifica products before, but I'm totally in love. The body butter is super rich and luxurious. I'm a religious night time face washer, so I haven't used the makeup removing wipes yet. I might save them for cleansing my face during camping trips this summer.

This leads me to discussing my deoderant crisis. Awhile ago, I switched to natural deoderant and began using Lavanilla The Healthy Deoderant. It smells amazing and works perfectly, but it's $14 a tube! So I switched to Kiss My Face Natural Active Life Deoderant (around $6), but it doesn't last all day, especially if I work out in the evening. I love the Pacifica deoderant wipes, but they seem more appropriate for an on-the-go freshen up. Plus they're about $9 for 30 wipes.

What kind of aluminum-free deoderant do you use? I need help!

Backyard Celebration Dress from ModCloth - When I bought the Ballroom Glow Dress for my Sweet Sixteen x2 Party, I bought the Backyard Celebration Dress as a back up. I was worried that the poofy tulle pink dress might look too young on me, so I bought a more age appropriate pink dress just in case. The Ballroom Glow Dress ended up looking amazing, so I wore it for the party. But I really like the back up dress also, so I'm keeping it. It's the perfect length, super flattering and an amazing hot pink color. They're almost sold out on Modcloth, but this, this and this are similar. And by the way, ModCloth is the best shopping website ever! The clothes are so amazing.

Do Non-Vegans Deserve to Live? by BexLife and Every Day Detox - This is an incredibly thought-provoking video. I've always felt like I'm doing my part in helping the environment by not eating beef or pork, but I still eat chicken, turkey and fish. There's still an environmental impact from being a consumer of those animals, and the treatment of the animals is disgusting. What is our human responsibility?

My new Coffee board on Pinterest - Because I'm back on caffeine a few days a week (more like five), and I'm so excited to have coffee back in my life, I made a new Coffee board that features recipes using coffee or coffee drink recipes. Now that warm weather is upon us, I will be back to my iced coffee obsession. Please share your fave iced coffee recipes with me! Lately, I've been ordering iced coffee with a splash of almond or coconut milk and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. I don't like my coffee too sweet, so this is perfection.

The over 50 people signed up for my Summer Slimdown 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!! - Since I've been celebrating my birthday for a few weeks now, there's been so much sugar. I'm ready to cut to that sugar, so this challenge is just what I need. I also want to love a few pounds before the BF and I go on our summer vacation, so I'll be working just as hard as you do! You can still sign up! The challenge starts Monday. Join here.

What are your current favorite things?

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