Weekend Recap {May 22-25, 2015} - Memorial Day Weekend

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How was your long weekend? The BF and I took a little trip to Colorado to run Bolder Boulder! It was fun to get away for the weekend.

I'm in the midst of a 30 day clean eating challenge, and I'm pretty proud of my clean travel eats. I had a few indulgences (margaritas), but being on the challenge definitely forced me to make healthier choices. On vacation it's always easy to indulge and keep indulging.

The other highlight of the weekend (or maybe lowlight) was my foot injury. I'll explain...

Friday, May 22

Throughout the day, my right foot had increasing pain. When I got home, I iced and elevated my foot, but the pain didn't go away. It wasn't swollen so I didn't think it was sprained or fractured. I hoped the pain would just go away before my 9 mile run Saturday morning.

The BF and I had Chicken, Shiitake and Wild Rice Soup, salads and a French baguette for dinner. The soup was so so good. This is the second time I've made it.

We started watching Wayward Pines. It's super creepy and interesting. Worth watching!

Saturday, May 23

I woke up still in pain. I put on my running shoes and tried to run around the house to test out my foot. So. Much. Pain. I WebMD'd my symptoms, and the internet told me that I could have a stress fracture. I decided to head to the doctor.

My doctor said I have plantar fascitis and tendinitis from overuse. I have to put heat on my foot twice a day for 30 minutes, use cortizone cream and wear arch support ALL the time. No barefeet, flip flops or ballet flats. But my doctor said I could still run, workout and teach fitness classes. I wasn't sure how that was possible with such pain.

It was only a matter of time before I got an injury. I've been feeling like I've been overtraining ever since I started half-marathon training in March. I'm going to have to start taking it easy!

While the BF went for a 9 mile run, I put heat on my foot then started packing for Colorado.

We drove for over five hours until we arrived in Denver. The above photo was taken in Julesburg, Colo. at a rest stop with a lookout.

Car snacks.

We stayed with our friend Tyler. After saying hello and unloading our car, we went straight to G's for tacos. We always eat here when we stay in Westminster with Tyler. I had two house made margaritas with my fish tacos and chicken black bean tacos. Please remind me that one margarita is enough for me.

Sunday, May 24

The BF and Tyler got up obscenely early to go watch an international car race at a bar. I slept as late as I could 6:30 a.m. (7:30 a.m. Nebraska time), put heat on my foot, then got up to check on the mountains. Whenever we stay with Tyler, I always go out on his deck first thing in the morning to see if I can see the mountains. Yep!

Then I headed out to get groceries. I didn't want us to have to eat out for every meal, so I bought breakfast foods and a few things for dinner that night. (not shown: peppers, zucchini, onion, chicken)

For breakfast, I had peanut butter banana toast, blueberries and an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts (the best!). I really love the flax and chia seed bread I bought

The boys arrived back at home, and we all drove to Boulder to pick up our race packets. Boulder is such a beautiful city. I love walking around Pearl Street and checking out all the shops. (Check out my sweet "Kale" tank I got from 24 Hour Tees!)

I really wanted one of these car magnets that I found in a book shop on Pearl Street.

We had lunch at Lyfe Kitchen on Pearl Street.

It was my dream restaurant - everything on the menu was healthy.

I had the Thai Red Curry Bowl with Garlic Lime Tofu. It was delicious.

We all shared the Garlic Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Aioli. So so good.

The BF had Mahi Fish Tacos, which were also amazing.

I also ordered the Ginger Mint Chia Water. It was so good. I'm going to recreate this at home! I really loved this restaurant.

On our way back to Denver, we stopped at REI and Costco for camping supplies for our upcoming Yellowstone trip. I also bought huge containers of chia seeds and almond butter at Costco!

That afternoon, the BF and I took a nap. I never nap, but it felt really good after walking all day on my sore foot.

For dinner, we grilled chicken breasts, burgers and veggie packs with zucchini, red peppers, orange peppers and onion. I also ate a few potato chips.

Monday, May 25

My pre-run breakfast was toast with peanut butter and banana, as always.

We ran Bolder Boulder! I'll write more about this tomorrow because it deserves its own post.

After the race, we showered, stopped for a quick sushi lunch (which wasn't that great) and drove back to Nebraska.

Goodbye mountains!

We picked up the dog from my parent's house and went home to relax.

I ate Nut Thins with hummus and plain Greek yogurt with chia seeds, blueberries and peanut butter for dinner. Random, but I wasn't super hungry.

What was the highlight of your Memorial Day weekend?

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