Bolder Boulder 2015 Recap

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The BF and I ran Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day! It was such a fun race!

We've run this race together four times, and I think this was my favorite. We really took our time, enjoyed the people watching, the bands, the activities (Slip n' Slide), and we stopped to take lots of photos.

We had decided to take it slow this year because I have plantar fasciitis and tendinitis (read more about it here). We thought we would end up walking a lot because of my foot injury. But we ended up running slowly, walking at the water stations and stopped for activities and selfies.

Here's a recap of the race...

We used the Park-n-Ride to get to Boulder. It makes getting into the city so much easier. We just park in a parking garage in Westminster and hop on a bus!

We actually hopped on the bus at 7:20 a.m., about three minutes before our wave crossed the start line. Oops. Luckily, you can run with later waves at Bolder Boulder.

The bus dropped us off near the start line, but we wanted to stop at the Porta-Potties first. Unfortunately, there were crazy long lines. We've never experiences this before at Bolder Boulder.

We ended up waiting for about 45 minutes! They had about 1/3 of the bathrooms from last year. We later realized, they had just created multiple bathroom areas. After we waited for 45 minutes, we found another Porta-Potty area with NO lines. Ugh.

Then we finally got in the start line!

We hadn't even run a mile, and the BF stopped to jump on a trampoline. He even did a flip! I don't have a photo to share because I took a video.

Then we stopped for a mountain photo op.

I'm not sure how we snagged photos without any other runners in them! I felt like we were constantly surrounded by people. Since we ran in a later wave, there were a lot of walkers and families with kids.

The BF did the Slip n' Slide! I didn't notice this until I saw the photo, but there are people doing acro yoga in the background.

There were so many bands along the route! I loved this drum circle. We also saw an Elvis impersonator, a marching band, bag pipers, a choir, rock bands, belly dancers and tons more!

This race really is beautiful! I love turning a corner and getting a glimpse of the mountains.

We shared a cupcake near the end of the race. What could be better than running and eating a cupcake? Other snacks being handed out along the race included Doritos, marshmallows, Jell-O shots, bacon and mini pancakes.

We took a selfie at the highest point in the race - 5,391 feet above sea level.

We made it!

The finish line at the University of Colorado stadium. To the right of this photo, people were doing aerial acrobatics.

Post-run beer! Oskar Blues Brewery was a race sponsor.

The race swag was pretty awesome. Besides beer we got all of the stuff above and a bag of Boulder Canyon Sea Salt and Avocado Oil Potato Chips (which I ate on the bus ride back to Denver). And we got a race shirt, of course!

We checked out the race expo for about two seconds. There were about a million people there, and I can't handle being in big crowds that aren't moving forward. So we headed back to the Park-n-Ride.

Overall, the race was amazing. My foot was in a bit of pain for the first few miles, but I felt OK the last half of the race. All the people in costumes, bands, activities and craziness made it easier to be distracted from my foot pain.

Another fun Bolder Boulder in the books!

Have you ever run Bolder Boulder? Tell me about your race experience!

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