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Happy Friday! I hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

This week has been super weird.

  • Our landlords are renovating our bathroom, and the contractor built a temporary bathroom in our unfinished basement (where a bathroom used to be). I saw a giant red cricket and a snake in our basement Wednesday night, so I've been totally freaked since. How many days can I go without showering?
  • I'm still nursing my plantar fasciitis. I've been diligently wearing my athletic shoes and arch support inserts. But my outfits have been pretty lame. Dress pants with athletic shoes = not a good look. I know it's just shoes, but I've been feeling pretty frumpy all week.
  • I haven't worked out since Tuesday when I taught a morning cycling class and an evening water aerobics class. My doctor said I could still run and teach fitness classes, but I talked to a physical therapist (an acquaintance, not at an appointment) and she said to take a break from physical activity. I think my body needs the rest, but it feels super weird not to workout.
  • I tried to go to a new-to-me yoga class Thursday night with my friend, Molly, who is visiting from out of town, and no one showed up! The instructor just never showed, and there was nothing on her website about a cancelled class. It is so hard to find yoga classes around here! FYI, Molly and I walked down the street and had a glass of wine instead.

So that was my weird week. And here are some of my favorite things right now...

5 Great Yoga Poses for Tight Hips via Women's Running and The Fitnessista - I need this.

Sevan Sports Bra by Fabletics - Fabletics had a big Memorial Day sale, so I ordered my fave yoga bra in two colors - Mulberry and Citron. I already had the bra in Bright Melon, and I LOVE it. I wear it for yoga and lounging around all the time. It's so comfortable and the bright colored straps are a fun outfit accent.

My new meditating garden frog - I've been eyeing these guys at a local greenhouse, and my mom and dad picked one up for me last weekend. I love him! Right now he sits by the succulents on the bar, but I may move him outside to the garden.

My hair cut + color - I got my hair cut and colored on Thursday, and I had my stylist do balayage color. The color technique is supposed to create natural looking highlights that grow out without obvious root. I love it! It's a bit lighter than I usually go, but I thought it would be fun for summer. I also got my eyebrows waxed because I hate plucking my eyebrows and I never do it.

Coffee + Coconut Oil - I know Bulletproof Coffee (coffee + coconut oil + butter) has been around for a long time now, but I finally decided to give coconut oil in coffee a try. It was amazing! I didn't blend mine in a blender or anything. I just stirred in a teaspoon of coconut oil, and it gave my coffee a nice little coconut flavor. I may try blending it next time. I mentioned my love of oil pulling here, but I also use coconut oil as a face moisturizer, for eye makeup remover, a hair mask, an essential oils carrier oil and more. I occasionally just eat coconut oil. Sometimes I'll dip a spoonful in chia seeds or hemp seeds. I would say I'm pretty obsessed! Find out the health benefits of coconut oil here.

Just Breathe: A Documentary on Kids and Mindfulness - Taking a moment to breathe is everything!

Life Equals Vitamins - I'm super excited because I'm a brand ambassador for Life Equals! I've been using their products for over a month now, and I LOVE them. All of their vitamins and supplements are bio-available, which means they actually dissolve and are absorbed by your body. Store brand supplements don't break down completely and your body doesn't absorb all the nutrients.

I've been using their Omega-3 and their Calcium + Magnesium + D3. I'm going to start using the Probiotic when I run out of my current probiotic.

Life Equals has a subscribe and save feature, so you never have to remember to buy your vitamins when you run out. Use code SaraGib75 to receive 75% off your first month's monthly order. After the first month, your entire recurring order will be discounted 15% (with free shipping!). You can pause, cancel or change your products at any time. Shop here.

Life Equals is also a one-for-one company, so for every bottle of vitamins purchased a bottle of children's multivitamins is donated to a malnourished child here in the US or around the world. Another reason why I'm so grateful for this new partnership!

Inside Amy Schumer: The Universe - Uncensored - OMG! This video is so perfect. I'm totally guilty of talking about the universe like this. I may have even written about the universe on this blog a time or two. But seriously, how can you manifest your dreams without putting them out into the universe???? Lol.

What are your fave things right now?

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