New Year's Goals Halfway Check In

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Can you believe we're nearly halfway through the year?!?! 2015 is flying by!

The above photo is what I look like mid-2015, in case you were wondering.

At the beginning of the year, I always like to take some time to reflect on my life and set some goals for the year. I try to look back at my goals throughout the year to make sure I'm staying on track. I thought this halfway point would be a good time to share with you how I'm doing.

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  • Learn how to prevent my headaches by my 32nd birthday (May 1). My headaches are caused by two things most of the time - clenching my jaw at night and my period. I haven't quite figured out how to prevent them, but I feel like I'm on the right track. I did an elimination diet at the beginning of the year to find out if I have food sensitivites that are causing my headaches. After that, I started cutting out dairy the week of my period. That has helped a little. I still get headaches, but they aren't as painful as they were before. I've been going back and forth on going to a chiropractor. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and I clench my jaw while I sleep, sometimes waking up with headaches. I've been doing more yoga and working on relaxing in the evening. I need to get back to my bedtime routine of drinking tea and wearing my warming neck pillow to relax my shoulders. I was doing well in the winter, but haven't been doing it since the weather got warmer. I also started using essential oils to relieve my headaches, so I'm not taking as many pain relievers.

  • Have six health coaching clients by June. The month isn't over yet!! I'm almost there! I've loved working with the clients I do have though! I help people lose weight, increase energy and gain confidence. In order to successfully do this, I take clients through a six month program and introduce new healthy habits gradually.If you're interested in a free health coaching consultation, email me at Check out my health coaching website here. The photo above was taken at Chapman Swifts right before a coaching session!
  • Save $2,000 for Yellowstone by summer. When I set this goal, I thought it would be more than enough to fund our trip. But the BF and I have had to buy A LOT of camping gear for this trip. So I'm so so so glad that I saved! Although camping in Yellowstone isn't that expensive, we've had to invest in the supplies needed for camping. Now our next camping trip will be super cheap. I'll write a post about all the things we're taking camping!
  • Start yoga teacher training in October. I've started looking into yoga teacher trainings!

Other smaller goals I had for the year...

  • Read a book a month. Fail. I've read one book this year! I read It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell, which was so so good. I'm taking a few books on our Yellowstone trip. Maybe I can catch up this summer!
  • Prioritize self-care. I've been doing well with this one!
  • Be present. Well....I ordered The Power of Now to read during our Yellowstone trip.
  • Staying grounded in my intuition. Yes! For a long time, I always thought I should say yes to all opportunities. But I've said no to a few opportunities that didn't feel right. And it felt good to say no. My intuition was also telling me to back off of teaching fitness classes. I did and, although I have a foot injury, I'm feeling so much more relaxed and my body doesn't feel as beat up.

  • Get better at doing hair. I've already had my hair cut and colored twice this year! You'll still see me in a top knot or with sea salt spray waves, but my hair looks healthier because I've been seeing my stylist more often.

  • Improve photography skills. I just bought a Canon Rebel T5 and I have a private lesson at a camera store next week!

  • Meditate more often. I've been getting up early a couple of days a week and meditating in the morning. I feel like it starts my day on such a calming and positive note.

How are you doing on your 2015 goals?

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