Weekend Recap {June 5-7, 2015}

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Hello! How was your weekend? This weekend totally flew by!

The BF and I were busy getting ready for our upcoming camping trip in Yellowstone. Getting ready to go on a long camping trip takes A LOT of preparation.

But we did manage to squeeze in a few fun activities to break up all of our pre-vacation prep.

Friday, June 5 -

After work, I went to the Kearney Area Young Professional Network happy hour. I just joined the group, so I'm excited to meet new people and attend their events.

I left a bit early so the BF and I could drive to Hastings. We stopped at the BF's dad and step-mom's house, grabbed a car dinner at Amigos (Skinny Pinto Burrito and Skinny Chicken Soft Taco for me) then made it to our friend Betsy's 30th birthday party. We sat around the fire pit chatting, laughing and eating s'mores. It was a perfect summer party.

Saturday, June 6 -

I woke up feeling pretty groggy (We got home after midnight, and I'm old). I ate my usual pre-run breakfast - Ezekiel toast, almond butter, banana slices, chia seeds and honey.

The BF and I went on an 8.5 mile run. It was crazy humid and hot, my hamstrings were killing me, I got a heat headache, I thought I was going to throw up, I couldn't breath around mile 8, then proceeded to cry around mile 8, and I wanted to quit about 175 times. But we made it home.

FYI: the general rule for running when the weather first heats up is to reduce your mileage and speed, and listen to your body. We definitely reduced our speed, but 8.5 miles was too far for the weather. But we wanted to get in a long run before we run the Yellowstone Half Marathon later this week.

After an amazing post-workout smoothie (I'll share the recipe with you soon!), drinking some water with Nuun and eating some quinoa with plain Greek yogurt (random), the BF and I headed out to Yanney Heritage Park for the ribbon cutting of the Outdoor Fitness Pad! Here's the story on how I helped to bring it to my community.

My whole family came out to support me and celebrate with me.

I also got to meet Mike Yanney (the Yanney family founded the park). He told me he hopes that I run all over the world and continue to bring new ideas to Kearney. So nice! Lots of Yanney Park board members were there, as well as the director of the Kearney Area Community Foundation, the fiscal agent for the project.

After I helped cut the ribbon, I gave demonstrations of all of the equipment. It was such a fun event, and a great way to celebrate the completion of the project. The director of park and rec even said they've already started thinking of putting outdoor fitness equipment in other parks!

The ribbon cutting was during Heritage Day at Yanney Park, so we walked around the park to check out the activities. I loved this photo my dad snapped of the BF and I.

When I got home I made a breakfast burrito. I'm seriously obsessed with these.

I spent the rest of the afternoon resting (I still had my heat headache), blogging (I'm getting posts ready for when I'm in Yellowstone), posing for pics in the clothes from my latest Stitch Fix box (post to come!) and helping the BF set up our enclosed awning (Yellowstone practice).

Then my niece, Brynn, called and asked me to walk to my parent's house to swim. How could I resist that invitation?

The water was still pretty chilly - it hasn't been warm in Nebraska for that long. But it was super relaxing to lounge in the pool. I'm so grateful that my parent's only live a block away from the BF and I.

It started to thunder, so I got out of the pool and walked home. The BF and I talked to his sister from Washington on speaker phone to hash out some camping details. She and her family are meeting us in Yellowstone! We're getting so excited!! Then we ordered Flippin Sweet. The Little Green Bag pizza is my fave. I was still battling my headache, and some comfort food helped.

We caught up on Empire before heading to bed.

Sunday, June 7 -

After sleeping in, I enjoyed overnight oats. It's a recipe I'll be sharing with you soon!

I finally put our bathroom back together after our landlords had a new tub and toilet put in. The stuff in this drawer used to be thrown in and disorganized. Organization makes me happy.

I started working on some food prep for camping. I am a crazy list maker (can you tell I'm a bit Type A), and I created a list of all the food we'll be taking, preparing ahead of time and buying when we get there.

I took a break from food prep to go to Target and HyVee with the BF to pick up last minute supplies and food. Betsey Johnson Kleenex on clearance was a must!

Then it was back to food prep. I spent the entire afternoon making food for our trip. I'll share what we're taking to eat in another post!

I was about to sit down and give my feet a rest, when the BF's other sister and her kids stopped by. I did an impromtu photo shoot with the kids with my new Canon Rebel, and we chased them around our non-kid proofed house.

The rest of the night flew by - blogging, running back to HyVee for forgotten items, breaking one of my fave stemless wine glasses, eating breakfast burritos for dinner, taking the dog for a walk.

We're leaving for our trip later this week, and I feel like I still have lots to do! Luckily, I have lots of lists!

How do you prepare for a vacation?

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