Celebrating my Healthy Communities Leadership Award!!

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I wanted to take a moment to celebrate a little personal accomplishment.

CHI Health Good Samaritan, my local hospital, awarded me with the Healthy Communities Leadership Award! The award is presented to a group or individual who has shown outstanding leadership in the community by preventing, promoting or protecting health issues.

My received this beautiful glass piece of art. It's hard to see in this photo, but my name is on the bottom right side.

There was an awards luncheon last Friday, but the BF and I were in Yellowstone so I couldn't be there to accept my award. I did, however, write a little speech. Apparently, none of the other award recipients addressed the audience but since I had sent a speech, someone read it. Eek! That's a little embarrassing.

Other Healthy Community awards were given out in the categories - partnership, prevention, education, advocacy and recreation.

I was nominated for the award by Holden Armstrong, he's the marketing coordinator for Buffalo County Community Partners. I've worked with Holden on the Activate Buffalo County board for a couple of years now. I'm now the chair of Activate Buffalo County and for the past year we've been working to create a community-wide employee wellness initiative. I also worked with Holden on the Walk Out on Your Job committee. It's an event that promotes walking during the workday. His nomination really meant so much to me.

I wrote my speech in the car as we drove through Yellowstone. I wanted to share it with you, since I didn't get to read it myself….

"When I took a Couch to 5K class through the community college seven years ago, I never imagined where my fitness journey would take me.
Running was just something I did for myself. But when I realized the impact that living a healthy lifestyle had on me physically, mentally and emotionally, I wanted to share what I was learning.
Everything that I have accomplished since that Couch to 5K happened because of the support and encouragement of others. I ran my first half-marathon with the encouragement of my parents. I started a health and fitness blog and joined organizations that promote healthy lifestyles with the support of the newspaper where I was working at the time. I became a fitness instructor because of the encouragement of another instructor. I began taking classes to become a certified health coach with encouragement from my loved ones. And I started working to bring outdoor fitness equipment to a city park with the support and encouragement from Scott Hayden, Bryce Abbey and many others.
Being a leader isn't something I sought out. It came naturally because I had passion for something. I listened to my intuition, said yes to opportunities, created my own opportunities and stayed true to my mission - to help people live healthier and happier lives.
Being recognized for that is such an honor. I'm so grateful to CHI and the Healthy Communities committee for this award. Thank you."

CHI sent out a press release and the local newspaper, the Kearney Hub, picked it up. You can check it out here.

Want to know how I celebrated my award???

With a trip to my fave local fro yo shop. Yep, I celebrated my health award with a little indulgence.

For more information on the outdoor fitness equipment project, read here or check out the Outdoor Fitness Pad Facebook page.

How do you celebrate accomplishments?

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