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*Life Equals offered to give away samples of their supplements to people who attended my morning boot camp. I'm a Life Equals Ambassador. When you make a purchase using my coupon code, I receive a commission. All opinions are my own!

I've been leading a morning HIIT-style boot camp since late June. I started the workouts because I wanted to add some high intensity interval training into my workout routine.

I'm not super motivated to workout on my own, so I asked the Facebook world who wanted to get out of bed before the sunrise for a free workout. Luckily, there were actually people who wanted to join me!

We've been meeting at the Yanney Park Outdoor Fitness Pad. So the workouts combine bodyweight movements with the machines that are available at the fitness pad. The workouts are always super sweaty, and I'm usually sore the day after!

Recently, Life Equals contacted me and asked if I would want to do a charity workout. I love the folks at Life Equals so I was immediately in!

For each person who attended my morning bootcamp, a month's worth of multi-vitamins will be donated to a malnourished child. Each person also received a free sample of Life Equals supplements.

Life Equals supports Vitamin Angels, an organization that donates vitamins to malnourished children around the world. They do a one for one donation, so every bottle of supplements you purchase, they donate one to a child in need. It's a great feeling knowing that while you're improving your own health, you're also improving the health of a child!

Nine people came to workout and be supporters!

Life Equals, a Kansas-City-based company, reached out to me in May after coming across my blog. They asked if I would be interested in becoming an ambassador for their products. I was super impressed after I had a phone meeting with their Founder and CEO Kyle Fitzgerald. He sent me some products to try before I committed to becoming an ambassador, and we had multiple phone meetings so that I could learn about the company and their products.

In July, I just happened to be going to Kansas City with my family, so I asked Kyle if he would have time to grab a quick coffee to meet in person. I ended up meeting with him and Alicia Poole, their chief community officer (and an IIN health coach!). It was great to be able to hear about their vision for the company and their plans for new products.

I'm truly so grateful to be a part of the Life Equals team. I am a huge fan of the products - I use their probiotic, calcium + magnesium + D3 and omega-3. I use their subscription service, so my products are automatically delivered to me. It's super convenient!

All the products are made in the U.S. in facilities that exceed FDA standards. The supplements also have high bioavailability, which means they are absorbed in the digestive system and available for biological activity in cells and tissues.

So I was excited to share the products with my early morning workout crew!

Everyone worked hard, and we all got super sweaty!

We got through one circuit and two power sets of this workout. It was a good one!

When I got home from our workout, I recovered with a delicious blueberry smoothie and my usual Life Equals supplements.

My smoothie was 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vegan chocolate protein powder, a spoonful of almond butter and 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds. {Get my Satisfyingly Sweet Smoothies recipe booklet here!}

Get 75% off your first monthly purchase of Life Equals products by using the code SaraGib75. After your first month, your entire recurring order will be 15% off and you'll get free shipping.

What are your favorite supplements?

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