Weekend Recap {Sept. 18-20, 2015}

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It's Monday already!

My weekend was very relaxed. The BF and I didn't have any plans, so we relaxed (ie. watched so much Sons of Anarchy!). I did, however, make lots of delicious and healthy food this weekend, and I made it to a power yoga class.

It was a good weekend! Here are some details...

Friday, Sept. 18

I made dairy-free and gluten-free pizza with a sweet potato crust for dinner (the BF had a regular pizza). I'm testing out a 28-day detox I'm developing as part of my health coaching offerings. So I'm testing out some recipes. I wasn't super excited about eating pizza without cheese, but this pizza was delicious!

Sons of Anarchy on the couch in our PJ's = perfection.

Saturday, Sept. 19

I got up early and made gluten-free, naturally sweetened chocolate doughnuts. I topped some with coconut butter and coconut flakes and others with a maple peanut butter frosting. They were delicious!

I went to power yoga at the CHI Wellness Center. It was a great class! I was sweating like crazy, as usual. While I was gone, the BF made turkey and black bean chili in our slow cooker.

After yoga, I made some essential oils concoctions - homemade deoderant, charcoal toothpaste and eczema lotion for my mom.

The BF and I went to Cabela's to check out hiking boots. The BF is going on a camping and hiking adventure in Colorado this week! I wore my Yellowstone t-shirt to be festive.

For lunch, I made a sweet potato and black bean quesadilla with rice tortillas.

The afternoon was super low key - we watched Sons of Anarchy, I finished reading How to Build a Girl {Amazon affiliate link}, which was a great book, and I wrote a guest blog post for Her View From Home on giving myself a break from running. (While the rest of Nebraskans were watching some football game, I was reading and blogging...typical.)

We ate our chili during football. I had apple slices with raw caramel dip for dessert.

And ended our night with more SOA. (obsessed!)

Sunday, Sept. 20

I attempted to make gluten-free, vegan and naturally sweetened blueberry pancakes, and the result was...not great. I ended up spooning some almond butter and pouring pure maple syrup over these ugly things, and they were OK. But I threw the rest away and the BF had to fend for himself.

I would have made something else, but I had to meet a client at Chapman Swifts for a health coaching session. I had an iced coffee while we met.

When I got home, I opened a can of pumpkin and went a little nuts making a pumpkin spice protein frappe, pumpkin spice overnight oats and pumpkin spice snack balls - recipes coming soon!

I had some leftover sweet potato crust pizza for lunch. I did my meal planning for the week. The BF and I hung out together until he took off for Colorado.

I spent the afternoon shopping with my mom and my niece, Brynn. I didn't buy much, just a few Halloween decorations at Target.

I enjoyed a Shaken Iced Green Tea while we shopped at Target. Delish!

Since the BF was gone, my parents invited me to have dinner with them. My mom made turkey burgers, roasted broccoli and carrots, mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms and onions.

I spent the rest of the night blogging, watching The Chew and The Mindy Project and planning my Monday bootcamp workout. Oh, and eating nearly a whole bag of Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn. This stuff is sooooo good! It was a little celebration because I made it through my 28-day detox!!

I ended the night by starting Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling {Amazon affiliate link}. So far, it's good (and a super quick read). I'm super obsessed with Mindy right now. I started watching The Mindy Project over the summer and watched all the seasons.

It was a great, low key weekend. I didn't accomplish much on my to do list, but I was happy to spend time with the BF and my fam.

Have you had any recipe fails lately?

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