Weekend Recap {Oct. 9-11, 2015} - A Crafternoon

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Is it seriously Monday already? I hope you get Columbus Day off, and you're spending the day relaxing. I'm back at work today, and not super excited about it.

I indulged in a little too much wine on Saturday during a crafternoon with my girlfriends and didn't sleep at all Saturday night, so Sunday felt pretty rough. I didn't accomplish anything on my to-do list, so I'm feeling unprepared going into the week.

But I had a wonderful time with the girls. Sometimes you just need a little girl time to unwind.

Here are details from my weekend...

Friday, Oct. 9

I left work at noon and went to a workshop called Getting to Know Yourself Through the Seasons. It was hosted by Teresa Bushnell, an energy worker, reflexologist, massage therapist and yoga instructor. The workshop was all about how to feel more balanced as the season changes.

She went over the autumn element according to Chinese medicine - metal. Each season in Chinese medicine is associated with an element, emotion and organ system. Metal is associated with grief and the lungs and large intestine. Teresa, who is a former nurse, went into detail about how the organ systems work, and how our subconscious and emotions can impact the health of those organs.

Metal, autumn and the lungs are all about transformation. Teresa suggested taking time to think about things you may be resistant to or things you're holding on to. She said we should make sure we're taking deep full breaths to keep our lungs healthy and to let go of things that no longer serve us.

She talked about paying attention to our doshas (the mind-body type in Ayurvedic medicine). We also did Tai Chi, yoga and a meditation. Overall, it was really interesting! I'll definitely go back for the winter workshop.

The BF and I went to dinner at a new restaurant called Rita Cantina, it's a Tex Mex + tequila place. I had a cucumber margarita (light on the simple syrup), which was so good.

And a mahi mahi taco and a chicken black bean taco with black beans and Spanish rice. It was delicious, and the atmosphere was super modern and fun.

Saturday, Oct. 10

For breakfast, I had a whole wheat English muffin topped with peanut butter, banana slices and chia seeds. I also had organic apple juice with apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and turmeric.

Then I went to power yoga at the CHI Wellness Center. We have a new yoga teacher, Sarah, and she's great! We worked on half moon pose, so we did lots of hips and core work. After yoga, I had some coffee and attempted to cuddle with our dog, Coda. Cuddling is very annoying to him.

The BF and I spent the rest of the morning cleaning the house and running errands to get ready for my crafternoon with the girls. (I didn't come up with that word…my friend, Russanne, did). At Menards I had to walk through the Christmas trees!

For lunch, I had a wrap with deli chicken, mixed greens, tomato, feta and homemade caesar dressing in a whole wheat tortilla.

The girls - Russanne, Meggan, Beth and Betsy - arrived in the afternoon and we got to work on our project. Meggan suggested that we try string art. Search string art on Pinterest and you'll get the idea.

Everyone brought their own wine.

I served organic tortilla chips, salsa, Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn, Trader Joe's Vanilla Meringues and Superfood Chocolate Balls.

And Oh She Glows Elvis Bars (so good!).

We worked hard while we drank wine, caught up and laughed. And I got to use my selfie stick!

Our projects turned out way better than I anticipated! The image on the left was my inspiration. I free handed the tree on the wood, then put nails along the pencil lines. Others used patterns for their images.

I loved the way it turned out.

We had so much fun!

Everyone left around 7 p.m., and I was tipsy. I cooked a HyVee pizza for dinner, and fell asleep pretty early.

Sunday, Oct. 11

I didn't sleep at all Saturday night, but I woke up feeling pretty OK. I took activated charcoal pills and drank some SOS Recovery before bed. (use coupon code AMB-WXB-57W to get 15% off SOS Recovery. Make sure you sign up for MySOS at the checkout. I'm an ambassador and receive discounts and free products when you make a purchase).

I had eggs and a mini whole wheat bagel with butter for breakfast. Then I met a client for a session at Chapman Swifts. I ordered the beet smoothie because beets have anti-inflammatory properties and I thought it would be good for the day after wine drinking.

But after our meeting, I felt exhausted. The lack of sleep and dehydration caught up with me. The rest of the day was spent lounging around, finishing up Sons of Anarchy (sad!), reading magazines, doing more lounging and eating lots of chips and salsa. I was so tired I just couldn't get it together.

I also felt pretty blah and down. I usually only have one or two drinks because I don't like the way alcohol effects me. I don't sleep well, I get headaches, I feel tired and achy and it impacts my mood. I had a great time with the girls, but I definitely drank more wine than I'm used to!

The BF made chicken tikka masala, rice and naan for dinner. It was delicious!

I didn't want to continue feeling blah this week, so I set an intention to nourish my body so that I would feel energized, healthy and happy starting this morning. Even though I would have rather slept in, I got up early to meet my bootcamp group. We did a tough running workout, and I felt so much better after. I had a smoothie with kale, blueberries, banana, acai and vegan protein powder for breakfast, and I'm already feeling so much more energized and much happier!

How do you get back on track after an indulgent weekend?

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