Weekend Recap {Oct. 16-18, 2015} - Pumpkin Patch

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Fall weekends are so good.

I got to spend a ton of time with my parents and my niece this weekend. I enjoyed a girls day, an afternoon at the pumpkin patch, a date night with the BF and I even fit in yoga and a bit of relaxing.

Friday, Oct. 16

I relaxed after work with some ginger tea. Our house was so cold. We're not turning our heat on yet because we've been having random 80° days.

The BF and I figured out a way to go on a date for $10. We went to the second run movie theatre to see Jurassic World, which I loved. To buy our tickets we used $1.06 coupons from the local radio station Hits106. So it cost $2.12 to see a movie!

After the movie, we stopped at HyVee and grabbed frozen pizza for dinner. I love California Pizza Kitchen pizzas. We enjoyed our pizza with beer. I had some leftover summer beer - Point Nude Beach.

Cheapest date night ever.

Saturday, Oct. 17

I had a quick cold oatmeal bowl for breakfast - oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, almond milk, honey, goji berries, thawed frozen blueberries, flax seeds and bee pollen. I also drank an apple cider vinegar drink and coffee.

Then I met the Girls on the Run volunteers at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I'm a new volunteer with GOTR, and we decided to do the race together to get to know one another and spread awareness about the organization. We ended up walking the 1-mile route of the race. It was 37°, so it was chilly.

When I got home, I couldn't warm up so I did a 30 minute sun salutation yoga practice from oneOeight then drank lots of coffee.

My mom and niece, Brynn, picked me up for a girls afternoon. We had Qdoba for lunch. I got my usual - naked vegetarian burrito with brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo and guacamole. They do not skimp on the guac!

Then we got pedicure and manicures. We had a lot of laughs, were able to relax and spend good quality time together.

We ended up being at the nail salon for over three hours! They didn't start on Brynn's pedicure and manicure until they had finished with my mom and I. Their timing was a bit off, which made for a long afternoon there. Brynn was getting impatient, and we were all just ready to move on. But we still had fun. Brynn got a super cute Halloween manicure - orange and black French tips.

Before dropping me off, we stopped at Target so my mom could buy Brynn pajamas to keep at the grandparent's house. My mom ended up buying me these amazing pizza pajamas, which I'll be wearing every day until winter is over.

For dinner, the BF and I had taco salads. We have those As Seen on TV Perfect Tortilla Bowls. We actually use them quite a bit. They make super easy and healthier tortilla bowls. Mine looks like it's mostly ground turkey, but there was a lot of mixed greens under there!

We watched the movie, The Words, on Amazon Prime. It was really good and totally worth watching. After the movie ended, I fell asleep on the couch...before 10 p.m. Apparently a spa day really takes a lot out of me.

Sunday, Oct. 18

I woke up early, so I wrote a few blog posts. Then I started looking at my Pinterest boards to get some inspiration for breakfast. I really wanted to make baked pumpkin doughnuts or French toast, however, I didn't have any canned pumpkin or good bread for French toast making.

I looked at Pinterest for 30 minutes trying to get other ideas. But every time I found a recipe I liked, I realized we were missing one ingredient. I soon began having a bit of a breakfast meltdown. Luckily, the BF saved the day and made turkey bacon, eggs and English muffins.

After breakfast, we went to Target to get the things we actually needed (not pizza pajamas). We did really well, and only bought the boring household stuff we needed.

On the way home, doughnuts happened because…Sunday and cravings. I had a chocolate frosted doughnut and it wasn't as delicious as I hoped it would be.

My parents and Brynn picked us up after noon, and we drove to Glenvil to go to the Country Harvest Pumpkin Patch.

We took a hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch and picked out a few pumpkins.

The BF and I went for the short and squat pumpkins. I had the best pumpkin patch outfit planned - the above boots and sweater with my new plaid blanket scarf from Target. However, it was nearly 80°. I was too hot in this outfit without the scarf.

Brynn and I then spent a lot of time on the giant bounce pillow. That thing is exhausting!

We checked out a few of the other activities, stopped for a water and snack break (cinnamon sugar pretzels with caramel sauce), then Brynn wanted to go back to the bounce pillow.

We bounced so much, I could barely walk.

My parents invited us over for dinner. We were happy we didn't have to cook after a tiring day at the pumpkin patch. We had turkey burgers, roasted carrots, broccoli and asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes.

I love fall weekends. It was a great weekend with lots of amazing family time. I'm a bit exhausted going into the week after that pumpkin patch excursion, but it was worth it.

What are your favorite fall weekend activities?

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