Weekend Recap {Nov. 6-8, 2015}

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Happy Monday!

I got so much done this weekend! The BF ended up having to work quite a bit, so I used my time on my own to write, prepare for my upcoming sugar cravings workshop and clean the house.

It wasn't the most exciting weekend, but it was productive.

Friday, Nov. 8

After work, the BF and I went to the HyVee Holiday Party. HyVee offers tons of samples of their holiday foods, wine and beer. My faves were the crostini with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic glaze, crab rangoon pizza and all the cheese, wine and beer. I made the BF take a photo of me in the grocery store. I was really excited about that Christmas tree!

These two made amazing cherries jubilee with rum. It's totally normal to go to the grocery store for date night and take photos of the people who work there, right? I just love HyVee, and the people who work there are pretty awesome. The event was a lot of fun, and I was totally full when we left.

We drove to Hastings and met friends at El Torro for a cabining meeting. We're all staying in a cabin at Platte River State Park in a few weeks, so we had to delegate the meals. For some reason, I thought ordering chicken nachos would be a good idea. But it was too much after our HyVee indulgences.

After the meeting, I left with the girls for our first book club meeting. We read The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and it was excellent. I had a cup of coffee while we discussed the book because I was exhausted and still had to drive back to Kearney. My day had started at 7 a.m. at a networking event. I usually don't drink coffee past 11 a.m., but I thought I needed a little boost for our late night drive.

Our next book is The Girl on the Train.

Saturday, Nov. 9

I made pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast that was so amazing and tasted super decadent. I'll share the recipe soon!

I then went to a Chakra Flow and Essential Oils Workshop with Sarah Sutton. The slow yoga flow was really relaxing, but also interesting. Sarah led us through different yoga poses to help balance each chakra. She had us visualize different colors and repeat affirmations for each chakra, and she used different essential oils for the chakras.

After the flow, she talked about essential oils and how to use them. I bought an essential oils starter kit from Young Living earlier this year.

I use peppermint oil for my headaches, thieves when I'm sick, purification and lavender in my diffuser and a few oils to make homemade toothpaste and deodorant. But it was great to learn more!

I had leftover spaghetti squash primavera for lunch. And spent the afternoon blogging and cleaning the house. I listened to Bossypants by Tina Fey on Audible while I cleaned. The BF had to work an afternoon/evening shift, so I was on my own for the day.

My niece, Brynn, came over for a couple of hours. She made labels for her new folders and notebooks for playing school. We are kindred spirits with our love of labeling, organization and list making. We also played hair salon, and gave each other braided hair styles. Being an aunt is the best.

After she left, I wrote a blog post about my favorite natural skincare and makeup (look for it later this week!). Then I relaxed. I had a pathetic dinner - an English muffin and an egg topped with pepperjack cheese.

I ended the night with ginger tea and by putting Stress Away essential oil on the bottoms of my feet.

Sunday, Nov. 8

I started my morning with warm water with a drop of lemon essential oil. Sarah suggested starting the day with this because it's alkalizing. I've actually tried doing this with actual lemon juice, but I have a sensitvity/allergy to citrus fruit, so I end up having a reaction. I'm going to try the oil and see if it has an affect on me.

I made Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes for breakfast. I'll be sharing the recipe later this week!

I spent the morning blogging and getting ready for my Kick Your Sugar Cravings Workshop, which is Thursday! I watched my first Christmas movies of the season while I worked. The first one was terrible and depressing. I've seen ALL of the Christmas movies on Netflix and Hulu. I miss having cable this time of year. I used to DVR all the Lifetime and Hallmark movies and watch a million of them during the holidays. So I ended up watching Bridget Jones' Diary, which I've seen a thousand times and love so much.

I took a break around noon (after nearly 4 hours of work!), and made a grilled cheese sandwich, which is my go-to lazy meal lately. It's my favorite fall comfort food. I started getting sucked into the Nicholas Sparks movie Best of Me, but luckily my new friend Lauren asked if I wanted to meet her at Caribou Coffee to work. I immediately packed up my laptop.

We chatted and worked. I finished writing most of the content for my workshop!

When I got home, I meal prepped for the week - roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, roasted garlic butternut squash, roasted cinnamon butternut squash, quinoa, raw caramel dip and a deseeded pomegranate.

While the BF made dinner, I watched the rest of Best of Me and sobbed. I've never read a Nicholas Sparks book, but I get sucked into the movies thinking the love story is so romantic and wonderful. Then someone dies and I am left weeping...every time.

We ate one pot pad chicken pad Thai for dinner.

Even though this weekend wasn't super relaxing and there wasn't much adventure, I feel good about all that I accomplished. I wanted to feel prepared for my workshop. I was able to write blogs for the week so I can just focus on my workshop. Next weekend, I will relax and celebrate!

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