Weekend Recap {Nov. 27-29, 2015} - Thanksgiving Weekend

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I'm so not ready to resume real life today! My long weekend was so wonderful. It was full of family time, relaxing, putting up Christmas decorations, holiday shopping and eating delicious food.

And when I woke up to the view above...I just wanted to stay in my pajamas, drink coffee and watch Christmas movies all day.

Here's a recap of my Thanksgiving, and here's how I spent the rest of the weekend...

Friday, Nov. 27

I got up early, and checked out some online Black Friday sales while I enjoyed some coffee. The BF had to work, so I was on my own for the day.

I had some leftover sweet potato casserole for breakfast. I made it with natural sweetener, so it works for breakfast.

My mom picked me up a few hours later, and we went to Target and Herberger's. We took a coffee break at Starbucks - gingerbread latte with coconut milk and one pump of syrup. I also bought that scarf at Target for $6. I really didn't buy much, but I did pick up a few Christmas gifts.

My niece, Brynn, came over in the afternoon, and we started putting up Christmas decorations.

When the BF got home from work, he wanted to go to Target.

Later, the BF headed to Hastings to see a friend from college. Brynn and I ate Panera for dinner with my parents. Then went back to my house, put on our pajamas and watched Space Jam.

When we got into bed, Brynn wanted to tell spooky stories. So we told stories until we fell asleep.

Saturday, Nov. 28

I made Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. These pancakes are so freakin good. I will be sad when the mix is gone.

Brynn and I spent the entire morning lounging around in our pajamas. She finished up the second season of Annedroids on Amazon Prime, then said she was depressed because she was in a show hole. Brynn then sang 'Hello' by Adele about 25 times in different accents, voices and notes.

We finally got dressed after having some Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch. We dropped Brynn off at my parent's house, and the BF and I ran some errands. Target, again.

That afternoon, the BF went to Buffalo Records to check out their Black Friday sales, so I settled in on the couch for more relaxing in my pajamas. Total theme of my holiday weekend.

The BF and I decided to go to a movie, but when we got there a little late and there was a huge line. So we went to Old Chicago instead. I had a delicious pizza with goat cheese, tomatoes, spinach, artichoke hearts and red onion.

Sunday, Nov. 29

Breakfast was a Trader Joe's Harvest Bagel topped with Trader Joe's Honey Walnut Fig Cream Cheese. This is my favorite right now.

I also had warm water with lemon, my Life Equals supplements and some kombucha. After a couple of days of Thanksgiving leftovers, I was ready to get back to my usual healthy habits.

After a couple of days of relaxing, I was also ready to start being productive. I did dishes (from Thanksgiving!), did laundry and straightened the house. Then I went to the gym! I ran three miles on the treadmill. It didn't feel awesome, but I felt good when it was over.

I had to make another trip to Target to pick up Christmas lights. When I got home, I put lights on the tree.

Then I read The Girl on the Train for a couple of hours.

The BF and I went to HyVee in the evening to pick up some groceries for the week. We grabbed dinner at the HyVee Chinese place. I had steamed rice, broccoli and chicken and a chicken egg roll.

I ended the night by putting on my Christmas pajamas and drinking ginger tea.

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! It was a wonderful weekend though. I'm so grateful having my family so close, and getting to spend so much time with them. I'm also so grateful for the BF, and our little house together. It's so fun making our own holiday traditions together.

What are you feeling grateful for this year?

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