12 Days of Self-Care Recap

Posted December 30, 2015 in self-care, holidays, Christmas, yoga, pedicure, wine, massage, fitness, workout, workout apparel

I hope you have loved the 12 Days of Self-Care Challenge as much as I have!

I seriously needed this, and I'm going to continue to make self-care a daily habit. 

Here's how I practiced self-care for the first six days of the challenge. And today I'm sharing what I did to take care of myself for the last half of the challenge. 

Day 7 - Pasta + Wine + Netflix after a week of feeling really run down and exhausted.

Day 8 - While I was out Christmas shopping, I bought myself a new workout top. I've been feeling bit uncomfortable in my clothes lately, so I bought something I feel good in!

Day 9 - I spent a few hours in my pajamas under a fuzzy blanket watching Christmas movies. 

Day 10 - I got a massage! Also, the BF and I ate candy cane Blizzards and drove around looking at Christmas lights. It's such a fun way to spend time together. This was probably my favorite day of the challenge!

Day 11 - At-home mani and pedi! My niece called and asked if I wanted to "play spa." I was in the middle of cleaning the house, but I knew taking an hour or two to relax was much needed.

Day 12 - Yoga

Since finishing 12 Days of Self-Care, I've made it a point to do something daily that makes me feel more relaxed and at peace.

How do you take care of yourself daily?

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