Delicious Fresh Juice Recipes + the Benefits of Juicing

Posted January 12, 2016 in fresh juice recipes, juicer, juicing, healthy living, healthy eating, recipes, weight loss, health coach, smoothie

I know it's super cliché, but if I could wear yoga pants and drink green juice every day I totally would. 

But I live in the middle of Nebraska where juice bars don't exist. My local grocery stores carry bottled juices, but at $4 to $8 each, I refuse to buy them regularly. So about two years ago, I bought an inexpensive juicer (I have this Hamilton Beach Juicer). Now, I absolutely love making my own fresh juices. 

For me, drinking fresh juice makes getting in my necessary vitamins and nutrients easier. I especially love drinking fresh juice in the winter, when I don't eat as much fruit. 

The liquid extracted from fruits and vegetables contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Some say that drinking fresh juice allows your body to absorb the nutrients better than when you eat whole fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to drink fresh juice on an empty stomach or about an hour before a meal. 

Juicing is also said to allow your digestive system to rest because juice is much easier for your body to process. 

I'm all about finding a healthy balance. I love including juice in my diet, which is made up of plenty of whole fruits and vegetables.

I highly recommend watching the doumentaries Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2. Joe Cross, the filmmaker, has a more intense approach to juicing, but the films really outline the benefits of juicing and eliminating processed food from your diet.

Tip: When juice meets the air it immediately begins to oxidize, which lessens the nutritional value. It's not realistic for me to make fresh juice every day, so I make a few servings of juice and store it in the refrigerator. If it's stored in a tightly sealed container, the oxidation process is slowed. I use a VacuCraft Vacuum Seal Juice Container and Ball jars to store my juices.  

Beta-Carotene Boost Smoothie

4 carrots

1 medium sweet potato

1/2 orange

1/2 frozen banana

3 ice cubes

Place carrots, sweet potato and orange in juice extractor. In a blender, combine carrot/sweet potato juice, banana and ice.

Tart Green Juice

2 cups kale

1 cucumber

1 Granny Smith apple

1/2 lemon

Lean Mean Green Juice

1 cup kale

1 cup spinach

2 Granny Smith apples

1 cucumber

1-inch piece of ginger

Green Apple Juice

1/2 orange

1-inch piece of ginger

1 Granny Smith apple

Beet Apple Juice

1 beet

2 Fuji apples

1-inch piece of ginger

What are your favorite juice recipes?

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