Six Ways to Practice Self-Care on a Snow Day

Posted February 2, 2016 in self-care, snow day, yoga, meditation, organizing, activewear, shopping, goal setting, relaxing


Today is a snow day!!

Winter Storm Kayla has hit Nebraska, and the city is shut down. 

There will be no playing in the fluffy snow during this snow fall. There are nearly 50 mph winds, so it's not a picturesque snow storm.

So far, I have slept in, drank coffee, browsed Instagram and ate avocado toast topped with eggs, turmeric, pink Himilayan salt and red pepper flakes. I'm taking things really slow today! Since I have an unexpected day off from work, I'm going to use the snow day to care for myself a bit.

On my snow day agenda: yoga/Pilates, reading, catching up on magazines, an at-home pedicure, wine, eating healthy comfort foods and organizing my home office.

Today is the perfect day to take some time for yourself. If you've already devised a long to do list, set it aside for at least an hour and take some time to care for you!

Not sure what self-care means? Read here.

Six Ways to Practice Self-Care on a Snow Day

- Take a long, luxurious bath. Make it truly special by lighting some candles, shutting off the lights, using bubble bath or bath salts, turning on some relaxing music and applying a facial mask. Enjoy the stillness.

- Practice yoga and meditation. If you're new to yoga, starting your practice at home can be less intimidating than going to a class. If you're a regular yogi, doing yoga on your snow day will get your body moving and help you get connected with your breath and body. I love using online yoga videos from Grokker and one0eight. You can also find guided meditations on both of those sites.

- Treat yourself to new activewear. Feeling good in your clothes will make you more likely to get to the gym or get in a workout. When your clothes don't fit well or don't give you a confidence boost, it may be time to get rid of them. Take some time today to go through your workout clothes, and toss the items that you don't love or that don't fit. Then pick out a few new items online. I love Fabletics, Old Navy Active, Lorna Jane and Gaiam from Kohl's. I also have a pretty serious wish list at Lululemon.

I recently ordered the Lorna Jane Lacey Excel Tank in Dragon Fruit, the Lorna Jane Jada Core Stability 7/8 Tights and the Black Lex Ultimate Support 7/8 Tight. 

-  Watch your favorite movie. Watching a movie that you love will allow you to let go, relax and feel joy. Make it more special by air popping some popcorn topped with olive oil and sea salt, wearing cozy pajamas and slippers, curling up under some blankets and sipping some hot tea or hot chocolate.

- Review your goals for the year. Since you have some extra time today, take some time to check in with yourself! Staying on track with your goals requires consistent reviewing of your goals. Look over the goals you set at the beginning of the year, review how you're doing so far, and make adjustments to your goals or action steps. 

- Declutter and organize. Having a home that is filled with items that bring you joy will help you feel happier and less stressed each day. It's definitely time to jump on the Marie Kondo bandwagon if you haven't already. Order her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Since Amazon Prime will deliver your book in a few days, spend your snow day starting to go through a closet or a desk. Set things aside that you can trash, donate or sell. 

If you're having a snow day today, I hope you take some time for yourself! Let me know how you're caring for yourself in the comments below!

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