Half-Marathon Training 2016 - Weeks 3 and 4

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I can't believe I'm already in my fifth week of half-marathon training. Running is finally beginning to feel slightly easier! 

One of my biggest mental hurdles has been not getting down on myself for running at a slower pace than in the past. During my six mile run on Sunday, I started thinking back to when I first started running about eight years ago. 

I didn't know any other runners. I didn't know what a fast pace was. I didn't even have a running watch or GPS on my phone. I ran at the middle school track to keep track of my miles. 

When I finished training runs, I felt a great sense of pride. Running any more than 3 miles seemed like such a huge accomplishment. The first time I ran 10 miles, I bought myself a giant cocktail ring to celebrate. 

I'm working on accepting where I am in this moment and taking time to congratulate myself after each run. 

Here are details from my training...

Week 3 (Feb. 8-14)

The third week of my half-marathon training wasn't much better than my first two weeks of training (read about them here). 

On Monday, I woke up with severe pain in my jaw and I couldn't open my mouth all the way. The pain traveled and was eventually an intense headache that had me home from work. After multiple visits to the chiropractor, I finally got some answers (which I'll share later). 

My knees were also really sore because I fell on the ice twice in a week. I fell hard on the same knee each time. I tried running Wednesday and my knee pain was just too much. I decided to cut my run short and give my knees a few days to heal.

I was feeling like a total mess and feeling like I should just give up on this half-marathon. But my running coach reminded me that it's not that big of deal to miss runs during the beginning of training. So maybe it's good that I'm getting all of this craziness out of the way at the beginning of my training.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - taught cycling and water aerobics

Wednesday - 1.5 mile run

Thursday - rest

Friday - rest

Saturday - 1 mile run + Power Yoga

Sunday - 5 mile run

Week 4 (Feb. 15-21)

My fourth week ended up being much better, and the boost of confidence that I needed to keep going. However, I've been skipping (sleeping in and missing) my strength workouts. Strength training is such an important part of my training, so I need to get back to waking up early for my strength training class! I don't think I've been to that class since early January!

The weather also made the fourth week better. The temperature climbed and most of the snow melted. I did all of my runs outside!

Monday - rest

Tuesday - taught cycling and water aerobics

Wednesday - 3 mile run

Thursday - 4.25 mile run + yin yoga

Friday - rest

Saturday - 3 mile run + power yoga

Sunday - 6 mile run

Are you training for a race? What is your biggest challenge and how are you overcoming it?

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