Friday Faves {February 26, 2016}

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Happy Friday!

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend! I'm getting together with my book club ladies for brunch and shopping. I'm super excited. 

I'll also be running, of course. I'm on the fifth week of my half-marathon training (read about my training so far here). 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things! Please share some of your faves in the comments below. I love getting ideas from you!

This morning's sunrise - The sun is creeping up earlier and earlier and staying out later and later. This means spring is coming!! I'm starting to be over tights, boots, coats and cold temperatures. I'm ready for hiking, outdoor yoga, maxi dresses and sandals!

My milkshake-like Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie - I made this smoothie after my 3 mile run and before I went to yin yoga class. It was so delicious, and so simple. 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 spoonful of natural peanut butter and 1 scoop of vegan vanilla protein powder

I'm jumping up and down excited because I'll be offering the vegan protein powder above and other amazing supplements in addition to my health coaching services! The products are by Life's Abundance and they're vegan, GMO-free, free of artificial sweeteners and gluten-free. I'm really obsessed with the Greens Blend. It's the perfect way to get your greens in a super convenient way. Email me at if you have questions or just click the links to view and purchase the products!

Calvin Klein Sweatpants - After wearing these for five days straight, I decided I should probably try wearing something else. I put these on as soon as I got home from work because they are so freaking comfortable. 

The Zookeepers Wife - This is what we're reading for our book club, and it's so good! I've been reading every night. However, I'm really behind on reading because I keep falling asleep. Even though the book is really captivating, I can't keep my eyes open. With work, half-marathon training, health coaching, blogging, etc. I tire myself out! If you need me tonight, I'll be reading the last 150 pages of this book, so I have it done before book club brunch tomorrow!

Notes from the Universe - I get these daily emails from, and they speak to me every single day. Some days it's amazing how closely connected they are to what's going on in my life. 

One from earlier this week…

"When someone is so 'desperate' to have what they want to have, do what they want to do, or be who they want to be, Sara, that they'd rather take little, tiny, teensy steps in the direction of their dreams than face one more single day of doing without, I just can't help but open the floodgates. It's perhaps my greatest weakness.

We bad, The Universe"

A Flippin Sweet Burger Joint - This restaurant recently opened, and they have the best veggie burgers. All the burgers have movie names - I've tried the Holly Golightly and the Lebowski - and they have extra special toppings like curried carrots, aoili and lots of other deliciousness. 

I'm also obsessed with the decor. They have those amazing wood plank walls and a major retro vibe. They also always have Bob's Burgers playing on their televisions. 

I want to eat there every day. I love a gourmet burger place that serves an excellent veggie burger!

Snapchat - I've been sharing tons of behind the scenes photos and videos! You get to see how I start my mornings, what I eat, how I'm working out and other fun stuff. Go to your Snapchat app, go to Add Friends, Add by Username, Type saragiboney. I'm going to start Periscoping again also. I haven't done it in months!!!

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