Weekend Recap {Feb. 26-28, 2016}

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Happy Monday! 

I'm starting out my week with something different and fun. I'm speaking at a high school conference for FCCLA members about creating a career in health and fitness. I'll be there all day sharing my secrets (really just having passion and working hard).

My weekend was low key, but full of fun and relaxation.

Friday, Feb. 26

After work, I got right to my book club book - The Zookeepers Wife. Our book club was meeting Saturday morning and I still had about 150 pages to finish!

I breaked for avocado toast with eggs. Then read until I fell asleep....at 9:15 p.m.  

The book was really great. I highly recommend reading it!

Saturday, Feb. 27

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. when the BF left for work. So coffee was much needed.

I spent the morning getting ready for book club brunch with the girls - Betsy, Russanne and Meggan (Beth was sick). I made a kale, onion and red pepper frittata and roasted sweet potatoes, and I picked up scones from Panera and a bottle of champagne. The girls brought fruit, yogurt and orange juice. 

I also had the girls try my Life's Abundance Greens Blend. I thought we could use some greens to balance out the scones and champagne ; )

Russanne, Meggan and I spent a few hours shopping. I picked up a new flannel shirt from Old Navy for our upcoming cabining trip. We had a lot of fun chatting while we shopped. It made me realize that I don't have nearly enough girl time!

It was about 70°, so I took the dog for a walk after the girls left. It was such a beautiful day!

After working for nearly 12 hours the BF was exhausted, so we went to Old Chicago for dinner. I had a pizza with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese. It was delicious.

Sunday, Feb. 28

I had some leftover frittata and sweet potatoes for breakfast. Then got ready for my 6 mile run. I really didn't feel like running. My Saturday indulgences had me feeling a little run down. And there were 30 mile per hour winds.

But I went. The run was rough. And I finished. My hair was crazy from all the wind.

I recovered with a smoothie that didn't turn out that great. I added beet juice because beets help with circulation, which can help with recovery. But even after adding a banana, my vegan protein powder, blueberries and honey, it still tasted like earth. Yuck.

My niece came over to help me make my presentation for Monday's conference. I hadn't made a PowerPoint presentation since college! Luckily, I have a nine-year old niece to help me with these things.

We had lunch at my parent's house. We enjoyed some turkey spaghetti. 

I spent the afternoon working. I'm writing the content for my new website! (This photo is from Snapchat. Follow me there for lots of fun behind the scenes stuff. I'm saragiboney on there)

Meal planning for the week. 

The BF and I grabbed Chinese food before picking up groceries for our upcoming trip to the cabin. 

The weekend went by too fast. But I have a short work week! 

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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