Weekend Recap {March 3-6, 2016} - Mahoney State Park Trip

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I'm home after a long weekend at Mahoney State Park with the BF and some friends. We had a wonderful time!

It was a weekend full of hiking, playing games, laughing, eating delicious food, indulging in s'mores and cake, and relaxing. 

Our 'cabining' trips are my favorite trips because I always feel rejuvenated physically, emotionally and mentally after these trips. There's no pressure to go, go, go. Being at the cabin is very easy going.

Here's a recap of the weekend...

Thursday, March 3

The BF and I left town in the afternoon, and arrived at Mahoney State Park around 5:30 p.m. Mark, Beth and Russanne were already there getting settled into the cabin. 

We stayed in a four-bedroom cabin. Each bedroom had king sized beds and private sinks. We had a cozy living room with an enclosed porch that overlooked the Platte River.

Mark, Beth and Russanne made chicken nachos for dinner. They were so delicious! We spent the evening chatting and waiting for Meggan and Kevin to arrive.

Friday, March 4

I woke up crazy early, but I got to see the most amazing sunrise.

Meggan and Kevin made breakfast enchiladas and hash browns for breakfast. They were super flavorful and filling. I need to get this recipe from Meggan because these would be perfect for a holiday breakfast or brunch. We also had mimosas, of course.

It was cool in the morning, so we bundled up to head out for a hike. 

We climbed a lookout tower to get this view of the Platte River.

We experienced nature. 

When we returned to the cabin, we carried in fire wood.

Lunch was crockpot chicken fajitas and Mexican rice made by Russanne. It was delicious!

I headed out for a run in the afternoon. My goal was to stick to my half-marathon training while we were there. But I was starting to feel a sickness coming on. The BF had been sick all week, and I was worried I had caught his cold. I ended up running a little over 3 miles on the paved walkways throughout the park. 

I stopped for a little #stopdropandyoga.

I felt pretty good after my run. The weather had warmed up quite a bit.

Betsy and Tony arrived, and we went out for our second hike of the day. 

Then it was wine time.

We played games.

The BF and I made lasagna, garlic bread and salad for dinner. 

We spent the evening hanging out in the living room enjoying the fireplace.

And we made s'mores!

Saturday, March 5

The morning view was beautiful and clear. I still can't believe this was the view from our back porch!

I made ginger tea with lemon and honey because my throat was super sore and I was feeling congested. I decided to skip my 7 mile run because I could feel my sickness in my chest. 

I also had my greens blend to get a boost of antioxidants. Get my greens here ---> http://bit.ly/sara-greens.

Mark and Beth made scrambled eggs with gouda, turkey bacon, regular bacon, pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast. And mimosas again. So so good.

After a slow start to the morning, we headed out for a hike. It was much warmer than Friday and the sun was shining! We went back to the lookout tower.

Mark, Beth, Russanne and I explored the marina and the lodge while everyone else hiked.

Russanne took some #stopdropandyoga photos for me!

Meggan and Kevin made chicken philly pita pockets for lunch. Yum!

I was on a mission to feel better, so I drank some of this Suja Probiotic enhanced water before going out for another hike with the BF and Russanne.

It was absolutely beautifull outside!

When we returned, I added a little vodka to the rest of my Suja. I even enjoyed it while sitting outside!

Betsy and Tony made spicy vegetable chili over cheesy polenta for dinner. Betsy made a special vegetarian version for me, but everyone else had sausage in their chili. It was good! It made me want to start making polenta!

The rest of the night was spent sitting by the fire, playing Cards Against Humanity and enjoying another round of s'mores.

Sunday, March 6

I woke up feeling super gross. I had some warm lemon water and greens right away. 

The BF and I brought a super easy breakfast for our departure day so we wouldn't create a ton of dirty dishes - three different kinds of bagels, peanut butter, bananas, homemade blueberry and strawberry jam, pumpkin pecan butter and cream cheese.

Then it was time to go. 

I was really sad the weekend was ending. It went by way too fast. 

The BF and I stopped in Lincoln on our way home and grabbed some groceries at Trader Joe's and spent some time in Barnes and Noble (I got a great book on essential oils). We also had lunch at Leadbelly. They have the best veggie burgers! 

Today I'm feeling really sick and pretty bloated from eating ALL the cheese over the weekend. All of our meals were very cheese-heavy! For the past month, I haven't been eating much cheese because I've been following a mostly anti-inflammatory diet because of some health issues. So I'm getting right back on track today! 

When I travel, I always try to have a balance of indulging in the food I want to eat, nourishing my body with good stuff (greens!) and physical activity. And when I return home, I get right back to my usual healthy lifestyle. That way, I can indulge without guilt.

How do you get back on track after an indulgent vacation?


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