Half-Marathon Training 2016 - Weeks 5-6

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I'm still running! 

I'm currently on the 7th week of my half-marathon training! The race is less than two months away, so my weekend mileage is really starting to increase.

My training has been such a roller coaster with headaches, a blizzard, falls on the ice, weird jaw pain and a gross cold. Read about my first four weeks of training here:

Weeks 1 and 2

Weeks 3 and 4

Maybe training has always been like this, and I just never noticed because I didn't share such specific details on the blog! 

I'm working on staying positive about my training, and these running memes definitely help me keep a sense of humor about running.

Here's a look at my fifth and sixth weeks of training....

Week 5 (Feb. 22-28)

This was probably my best week of training thus far. I got in three of my four planned runs - I skipped Saturday's run because I was so sore from the strength training class I took on Friday. #fail 

My long run on Sunday was pretty rough. There were 30 mph winds, and it sucked. But I felt really proud of myself for pushing through!

Monday - rest

Tuesday - taught indoor cycling and water aerobics

Wednesday - 5 mile run

Thursday - 3 mile run + yin yoga class

Friday - RIP class (strength training class similar to BodyPump at CHI Wellness Center)

Saturday - rest

Sunday - 6 mile run

Week 6 (Feb. 29 - March 6)

And after a good week of training, I got a cold. I started feeling it on Monday, but it didn't come on strong until Saturday. I was supposed to run five times, and I ended up running twice. 

But my cold was in my chest, and I always rest when I have a sickness that is below the neck. It can just prolong the sickness if you try to push through it. 

I was also out of town Thursday through Sunday. The BF and I went to Mahoney State Park and stayed in a cabin with friends (read about it here). I planned on doing all of my runs while we were there, and I even brought ALL of my running gear and food supplies. But with my cold in my chest, I decided to keep my activity light.

Monday - rest 

Tuesday - taught indoor cycling and water aerobics

Wednesday - rest

Thursday - 4 mile run (I got new running shoes!! Brooks Ghost 8)

Friday - 3.15 mile run + hiking

Saturday - hiking

Sunday - rest

Are you training for a race? Let me know how your training is going in the comments below!

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