Join me for Sugar Free April!!

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I'm going sugar free in April, and I'd love for you to join me!

As a gal with a major sweet tooth, I know what it's like to have out of control cravings for sugar. I also know what it feels like to be eating a diet FULL of sugar. I used to feel bloated, fatigued and guilty.

I'm currently transitioning to an anti-inflammatory diet to deal with a health issue, and the two things that are hardest for me to ditch - sugar and dairy. I recently realized that I was indulging in a few too many dark chocolate covered almonds and enjoying too many extra sweets. 

So in April, we're all getting rid of sugar! Why? Well, for one, sugar has no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats and no enzymes. So it's not doing us any good. But here's just a few things sugar is doing to our bodies...

  • Sugar overloads your liver, forcing it to turn fructose into fat.
  • Sugar can cause insulin resistance, which is believed to be a cause of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Sugar can put you at a higher risk of getting cancer.
  • Sugar is highly addictive...similar to drugs like cocaine.
  • Sugar can raise your cholesterol and cause heart disease.
  • Sugar can make your skin dull and cause more wrinkles.

The list goes on and on!

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  • Expert advice
  • Tips for curbing your cravings

Before we get started, I want to share the tools that I'll be using during this challenge. This is your Sugar Detox Tool Kit!

See all the products from the nutrition line at

Join this challenge, and share your photos on social media! Make sure you tag your posts #sweetsuccess and @saragiboney!


Join my 28-Day Transformation Program! This program will help you eliminate processed food and adopt a whole foods diet, reduce your cravings, gain energy and lose weight. 

For just $40, you'll get a 30-minute goal setting consultation, weekly check ins from your health coach, a grocery list, sample meal plans and over 20 clean eating recipes! 

This is not a detox that will leave you starving!

Erin just completed the program and she lost 7 pounds and said she felt more energetic, had fewer cravings and experienced improved skin.

"The clean eating detox was the kick start I needed to start working on losing weight. I feel better and it has helped me develop a better eating lifestyle."

The 28-Day Transformation is the perfect way to kickstart healthy eating before summer arrives. While I don't think we need to put pressure on ourselves to be "bikini ready", I do think summer is more enjoyable when we feel healthy and confident.

I feel my best when I'm eating whole, nourishing foods. 

Email me at to get started now, and feel vibrant and energized by summer!

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