Refreshing my Closet for Spring {Stitch Fix Review}

Posted April 7, 2016 in Stitch Fix, shopping, spring, fashion, spring wardrobe

*Because I LOVE Stitch Fix, I'm a Stitch Fix Influencer! When you click my link and schedule a fix, I earn credit for my own Fixes. So thank you for helping me be more stylish. I need all the help I can get ; )

Now that spring is finally here and the weather is warming up, I have the itch to refresh my wardrobe a bit. 

Nothing drastic...I just wanted a few new pieces to give my closet a little renewal. So I scheduled a Fix!

I received four Stitch Fix boxes last year, and became obsessed. I love that my stylist sends me items I may not pick for myself when out shopping. It forces me to try new things! 

Also, since I live in a smaller town with limited shopping (Old Navy and Target), Stitch Fix allows me to buy higher quality clothing that's unique. 

I totally believe that if you like your clothes, they fit well and are flattering, you feel more confident. And I'm all about a confidence boost! When we feel more confident, we tend to take better care of ourselves…we eat better, we take time for exercise and more!

Side note: Stitch Fix now has SHOES!!! I didn't ask for any this time around, but they have some pretty cute options.

This is what I received in my recent Stitch Fix...

THML Lombardy Embroidery Detail Top

I love this top! It's super soft and flowy, but has a bit of stretch. It has kind of a hippie vibe to it, which I love. It will also be light enough to wear during the warmer summer months.


Collective Concepts Zuly Crochet Detail Blouse

When I first tried on this top, I wasn't sold. But I decided to style it and I totally changed my mind! This top has really pretty embroidery detail at the neckline. It's longer in the back, which makes it perfect for wearing with skinnies. I wore this outfit to work, except I wore a black cardigan instead of the army jacket. 

This top also looks great with jeans. I tend to wear super simple jeans and T-shirts on the weekends, but I am in need of some nicer casual clothing. This tank will be perfect for weekend outings.


Skies are Blue Brite Quilted Jacket

I asked my stylist for a spring jacket. I have a million winter coats, really casual, sporty jackets and that super light army jacket, but I wanted something in between. I liked this navy quilted jacket, and I loved the gold detail. But it was a little heavy for spring in Nebraska.


Renee C Jessica Printed Swing Skirt

I really went back and forth on this skirt. The BF loved it. I liked the way it fit, I liked the material and I thought the style and cut was flattering. But I didn't love the pattern. The BF didn't like the shirt tucked in look, but untucked I looked like a fifth-grader.


Gilli Haven Textured Knit Dress

I love this dress! I love the way fit and flare dresses look on me. They work with my smaller waist/larger hips. The polka dots make this feel super retro. I added the red ribbon around the waist to give it a pop of color (this was actually the BF's suggestion). I would add a cardigan and wear this work, wear it to health coaching events and to parties. I could even add tights and a cardigan and wear it in the winter.


Have you tried Stitch Fix? Here are the details...

With Stitch Fix, you fill out an extensive style survey, then a stylist handpicks some pieces of clothing based on your preferences. You can receive a 'fix' every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or every three months. You can even schedule fixes randomly, which is what I'm doing right now.

I highly recommend creating a Pinterest board to give your stylist a better idea of what you're looking for. Check out my Style board on Pinterest. Your stylist really looks at your Pinterest board too!

When you receive your box, you try everything on, send back the items you don't want and purchase the items you want to keep. You pay a $20 styling fee for each box, but that $20 is applied to anything you want to keep from that shipment.

In your style survey you can set price points too! So you end up receiving items that are in your budget. 

You also receive styling cards with your Fix. This is soooo helpful, especially for the fashion challenged. 

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