Weekend Recap {April 22-24, 2016}

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The weather is basically perfection today, and being stuck in my office feels like torture. So I'll reminisce about all the time I spent outdoors over the weekend.

Here's a recap of my weekend...

Friday, April 22

After work, I did some last minute preparations for my Eating for Energy Workshop, which was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. I wanted everyone who attended to get a goodie bag full of my favorite supplements that help me feel energized.

I wore my new t-shirt from the Bandwagon to celebrate the end of the week.

The BF grilled turkey burgers and veggies and made wild rice. The weather is finally warm!!

Saturday, April 23

I had Ezekiel toast topped with almond butter, banana slices, honey and chia seeds.

Then I ran 6 miles. I expected it to be a pretty easy run, but it ended up being windy and about 20° warmer than all of my other long training runs, and I ran a hilly part of the hike/bike trail. So it was a challenging run. But it was my last long run before the half-marathon!!

I recovered with my favorite anti-inflammatory smoothie - almond milk, frozen blueberries, turmeric, cinnamon, ice, vegan plant protein {this protein --> bit.ly/sara-protein}.

My Eating for Energy Workshop was that afternoon at Chapman Swifts Coffee House, and I was so excited about the content of this class. I put together my best tips for eating for energy and making small lifestyle changes that increase energy. I also included information on supplements, which I haven't gone into in detail about during a workshop before!

I ended up having two attendees. They were amazing, had lots of great questions and basically got a little private health coaching session. My last few workshops have had 15-30 people, so I'm thinking the fact that it was one of the first warm weekend days of spring impacted the attendance. Maybe I'll do my next workshop on a weeknight next time. If you were interested in coming, and didn't make it tell me why!

After the workshop, the BF and I went down the street to the Highway Creepers car show. People displayed their classic cars, bands performed in a bar, the had a pin up girl contest and there were some food vendors. My brother, sister-in-law and niece (B) were there. The BF and I snagged my niece, so my brother and SIL could stay and enjoy the bands. 

I snacked on hummus, Nut Thins and carrots.

Then B and I painted pots for succulents. We didn't finish the project, but we made progress. 

The three of us went to dinner at Flippin Sweet Burgers. I had my fave - Holly Golightly Veggie Burger - caramelized onions, mushrooms, arugula and aioli. 

B and I fell asleep on the couch watching Nanny McPhee. 

Sunday, April 24

We had all the windows in our house open all weekend and it was magical. Coffee with a morning breeze is the best.

The little one requested muffins for breakfast, so I made Banana Oat Muffins - sugar-free, gluten-free, naturally sweetened with honey and bananas.

We had muffins with nut butter, pumpkin butter or jam, scrambled eggs and strawberries.

And cuddled on the couch. 

Then headed to the playground to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We laughed so much during this trip to the park.

For B's 9th birthday, I got her a subscription to Darby Smart. It's a monthly or bi-monthly craft box for tweens. This month, the box was a baking craft. So we made Glam Crystal Cookies. We don't own a rolling pin, so we used a wine bottle. 

The cookies were really pretty and easy to make. I had one! (not Sugar-Free April approved).

It was after 1 p.m. when we finished the cookies, and both B and I started to feel hangry. The BF saved the day and threw random ingredients into a pot and made a delicious turkey and vegetable soup. B said it was the best soup she's ever had! I was very impressed with his cooking skills because I had spent 20 minutes going through our cupboards and refrigerator saying we had nothing to make ; )

My parent's were out of town, and B was supposed to mow their lawn. So I sat in a lawn chair to supervise. She finished almost half the yard before getting "too exhausted." The BF finished the lawn.

We recovered with a green smoothie before it was time for her to head home. Go to Facebook to see how I got her to try the green smoothie.

I relaxed…because after 24 hours with a kid, I was exhausted. I started watching UnReal on Hulu. I'm into it.

The BF and I grabbed dinner at Market Grille. I really wanted pizza, and their tomato mozzarella pizza didn't really satisfy my craving. Not enough cheese! But that was probably good for me since too much cheese usually upsets my stomach.

The weekend was exactly what I needed. Lots of fun, laughs and time with the little girl and the BF. I've been stressing too hard lately, and needed a fun weekend. 

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