What I'm Doing to Prepare a Week Before My Half-Marathon

Posted April 25, 2016 in running, half-marathon training, Lincoln Half-Marathon, run, healthy living, workout, fitness, sweat, meditation, sleeping, gratitude, Whole Foods

My half-marathon is in less than a week!

I'll be running my 10th half-marathon on Sunday, and I'm nervous! Although I know what to expect on race day, I feel different going into this race.

During 2015, I ran two half-marathons and experienced major hamstring and hip pain and I developed plantar fasciitis. 

When I started training in January, I was coming off of a six month break from running. 

But I really wanted to give the half-marathon another try, so here I am! It's been quite the journey. I've had some new mental hurdles that I've had to overcome (ie. my slower pace and running alone) and I've had to keep an open mind about my training since I hired a running coach to guide me. 

Although my pace is still slower than it has been in the past, I've trained injury free! That was my one and only goal for this half-marathon. 

I honestly wouldn't have made it through training without my running coach - Amanda from Run to the Finish, the BF, my family, my chiropractor and the likes, comments and support from you!

To calm my nerves and make sure I'm feeling healthy and strong on race day, this is what I'm doing this week...

  • Daily meditation
  • Getting lots of sleep
  • Following my taper plan created by my running coach (even though I really want to add in some workouts)
  • Eating whole, energizing foods (no sugar, no booze)
  • Trying to reduce stress by not taking on any major projects or responsibilities (ie. saying no to everything)
  • Practicing gratitude daily
  • Taking my supplements, drinking my greens and staying hydrated 
  • Stretching and foam rolling
  • Doing my prehab exercises prescribed by my running coach

I'm keeping things real chill over here!

Do you have an upcoming race? How are you preparing for race day?

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