Your Gut Bacteria is Causing Sugar Cravings

Posted April 28, 2016 in probiotics, gut health, healthy living, sugar cravings, reducing sugar cravings, kombucha, sweet tooth, supplements

While some of our cravings for sugar may be caused by emotions or habits, some of us could be experiencing physical cravings.

And it all starts in the gut. 

The bacteria in your digestive system can determine the types of foods you crave. 

There are millions of microbes living in the body, many in the stomach and intestines. Things like taking antibiotics, eating processed food, eating high sugar food, stress, lack of sleep and breathing toxins can shift the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

When there is too much bad bacteria in the gut, we experience things like weakened immune system, skin issues, weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, feeling bloated after meals, feeling constipated or…experiencing intense cravings. 

Here's how it works…the digestive tract is made up of both yeast and good bacteria, which work in balance with one another. High levels of yeast lives and feeds on sugar. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugar causes an overgrowth of yeast, causing your body to physically crave more sugar. 

To increase the good bacteria in the gut, we can eat probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, kefir and raw honey, and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha. 

But it can be difficult to eat enough fermented and probiotic-rich foods. I, personally, don't like sauerkraut or anything pickled, I only eat yogurt a couple of times a week and I drink kombucha a few times a month (I only buy it when it's on sale). 

Also, the foods that improve the microbial makeup of the digestive system varies from person to person. 

So what can you do? Take a probiotic supplement. This is probably the one supplement that everyone should be taking just because it can be hard to get enough probiotics from food. 

When choosing a probiotic supplement, you want to find one that can pass through the stomach by resisting gastric acidity and one that has at least 25 billion CFUs per capsule.

This is my favorite probiotic supplement -->

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