Yoga Teacher Training - Weekend 1

Posted May 23, 2016 in Weekend Recap, yoga teacher training, yoga, healthy eating, salad, healthy living, fitness

I'm feeling extremely grateful and super exhausted after my first weekend of yoga teacher training.

I have a feeling that this journey is going to be transformative. I learned so much, practiced a lot of yoga and got to know some wonderful new people.

Here's a recap of the weekend...

Friday, May 20

Yoga teacher training started at 5:30 p.m. in Hastings at Avani Yoga Studio, so I had to leave work a bit early and head out of town. 

I started listening to You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life during the drive. It's is sooooo good! I will probably end up buying the paperback version so I can go back and re-read it.

Teacher training started with a yoga class taught by Liz. Then we spent time getting to know one another, talking about what to expect during the training, asking questions and talking about what we hope to learn over the next seven months.

We ended the day with a very relaxing yin yoga class. 

Training got over at 10 p.m., so I stayed in Hastings at my friend Russanne's house. It was perfect because I didn't have to drive home late and it gave Russanne and I a chance to catch up.

Saturday, May 21

I slept in until almost 8:30 a.m. For breakfast, Russanne made my fave - avocado toast with eggs. It was her first time trying it! After seeing 1,245 posts from me about how much I love avocado toast, she decided to try it. 

Training started at 10 a.m., and I wasn't feeling great Saturday morning. I had a pounding headache. I think it was because I never ate dinner on Friday. I snacked on a banana and some nuts during a break, but there really wasn't time for a full meal. 

Saturday's teacher training began with a 90 minute sun salutation workshop taught by Suzanne. It was a bit of a struggle since I wasn't feeling hot. I ate an Aloha bar after class. It was really delicious and the bars aren't made with junk, but they're pretty expensive. I found the bars at Target if you want to check them out.

After class, we spent some time learning the history of yoga and Sanskrit.

Then it was time for lunch. I ate with two lovely ladies from class - Megan, who is the editor of Open for Business Magazine, and Jacque, a massage therapist at Alejandro's Salon and Spa in Kearney. We ate at Back Alley Bakery and I had the blueberry salad, which was incredible. My headache went away after I ate lunch (and had some coffee).

The afternoon was filled with more learning...and lots of note taking.

And more yoga.

(photo credit: Suzanne Wright)

And more learning and yoga.

Training ended at 7 p.m. and I drove home. I was exhausted when I got home, and grabbed a sandwich and black bean soup from Panera for dinner. 

I intended to go to bed early, but the BF and I started watching Interstellar. It was so good! 

Sunday, May 22

I had to be back in Hastings at 9 a.m., so I had to leave Kearney at 8 a.m. I had avocado toast with eggs for breakfast. I eat this so much. Check out  my favorite recipe here.

Training started with another class. This time it was a 90 minute slow flow taught by Suzanne. I really enjoyed this class!

I brought my own lunch this time - chickpea salad over kale. I enjoyed my lunch outside. 

We spent the rest of the day learning more, practice teaching and wrapping up the weekend.

Training got over at 4 p.m., so I was home by 5.

When I got home, I made our meal plan for the week.

I celebrated the weekend with a veggie and goat cheese pizza and a beer with the BF.

My first weekend of teacher training was so amazing. I was definitely nervous going into the training, and I had a lot of anxiety about teaching in front of the class. But I left feeling excited to learn more, and empowered and more confident from the practice. 

I'll share my journey with you and I'm sure some of the things I learn will inspire future posts! Let me know if there's anything specific you would like to know about!

~ Namaste ~

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