Memorial Weekend 2016 Recap - Bolder Boulder

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I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

The BF and I always go to Colorado over Memorial Weekend, and we run Bolder Boulder. This was my fifth time running the race! It's definitely my favorite race because of the fun atmosphere, amazing spectators, awesome swag and beautiful mountain views.

Here's a recap of our trip to Colorado...

Saturday, May 28

Travel snacks.

Coffee on the road is a must.

Healthier fast food - Amigos vegetarian burrito bowl. 

Whenever the BF and I go on road trips, I always read to him. This time, I read You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. I've been listening to this during my drives to yoga teacher training, and it's soooooo good. I read one chapter in the car and we ended up talking about it for over an hour.

Our first Denver stop…Ikea. This was my first time at Ikea and it was magical and overwhelming. Luckily, we had specific things we were looking for and left with two pieces of furniture, new dishes and some planters! I also drank a Swedish juice box!

We went to a couple record stores on and near Colfax for the BF - Wax Trax Records and Twist and Shout Records. Then we just happened upon VooDoo Doughnut and we, of course, had to stop. They have the most unique and delicious doughnuts on the planet. 

We stayed at our friend Tyler's house, and grabbed dinner with him and his GF at G's, a taco place. I had fish tacos and black bean and avocado tacos, which were delicious. I also enjoyed a margarita.

Sunday, May 29

The sun rises at 5 a.m. in Colorado, so I was up early! I woke up feeling kind of gross - headache + nausea. I think the altitude was making me feel sick. I ate a banana and some energy balls and drank my Minerals & Antioxidants drink

I went to a yoga class at Maitri Yoga in Westminster at 8 a.m. They were very friendly and welcoming at the yoga studio. The class was a slow flow that included doing assisted splits, which I had never done before. It was a great class! I really liked the teacher, Jamie. The theme of the class was planting seeds of change, and she gave us a little seed packet to write our intentions on. So cute.

After a VooDoo Doughnut (butterfinger!!!) and a nap, I got ready for the day. I was still feeling yuck, so I poured myself a double serving of my greens. I enjoyed my greens while I gazed at the mountains from Tyler's deck. Both the greens and the mountains made me feel better.

We drove to Boulder to pick up our race packets. The race expo is super fun - lots of performers, great race sponsor booths and lots of cute shops on Pearl Street. 

We also stopped at REI in Boulder, which is a tradition of ours. They're always having a major Memorial Weekend sale. I bought a pair of Lucy Get Going Capris. They will be perfect for hiking, biking and being active this summer! (You can find them here).

We had lunch at Lulu's BBQ in Louisville. I had THE BEST prickly pear margarita. This is my new obsession. 

My meal was incredible!! I had barbecue tofu over avocado slices and greens, sweet potato tots, zucchini and yellow squash. I want to eat this tofu every day! Beside the food being insanely delicious, the atmosphere at this restaurant was great. 

After relaxing at Tyler's for awhile, a bunch of his friends came over for a grill out. My plate = chicken brats, Brussels sprouts and chips and salsa. 

Monday, May 30

Race fuel. Also, my bib had the BF's name on it. 

We took a bus from Westminster to Boulder. Definitely the best way to get to the race. 50,000 people run this race, so parking is probably a nightmare.

Once we arrived, it was so easy. We made a quick stop at the port-a-potties, where there were very short lines. Then we found our wave and started running within 10 minutes or so. 

Before we even hit 1 mile, the BF stopped for a quick jump on the trampoline.

The cool thing about this race is that runners are totally willing to stop and take your picture when you want a photo with the mountains behind you. 

Race food and drink included margarita (shown here), beer, marshmallows, bacon, doughnuts, cupcakes and Doritos. During the race, I had a bite of a doughnut, a bite of a cupcake, a margarita shot and a couple of sips of beer. I also drank water or Nuun at every water station.

Slip n' Slide.

Those mountain views never get old.


The course summit.

We finished! 

When your race swag includes really good beer.

Seriously…the best race swag. There was also organic tortilla chips and hummus, but we ate ours on the bus ride back to Westminster.

After showering and packing up, we headed back to Nebraska. 

I love that the BF and I do this every year! It's always such a fun trip, and this year was no exception. We had a great time exploring Denver and Boulder. Next time we would love to have time for some hiking!

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