Friday Faves {July 22, 2016}

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Happy Friday!

It's been a long rough week. I'm really looking forward to having a weekend without many plans. I definitely need some relaxation and rejuvenation.

I'm in need of some lightness right now, so I thought I would share some of my favorite summer things. Here they are...

Stitch Fix - I've been getting Stitch Fix for about a year, and I realized that it's added some of my favorite pieces to my closet. I enjoy shopping, but I live in a small town without a lot of shopping options. Stitch Fix allows me to add unique, high quality pieces to my wardrobe. 

I forgot to send a note to my stylist this month, and I still received fun things. I highly recommend creating a Stitch Fix Pinterest board and pinning pieces from the Stitch Fix Pinterest page. In this month's fix, I received the tie dye tank I had pinned! I'll share a full review next week!

You can get your first fix here -->>

Angie Bee Hotz Mala - I'm obsessed with my new mala! It's so beautiful. A mala is a string of 108 beads that is used in meditation. Traditionally you say a mantra 108 times, using your mala beads to keep track. 

Angie designs and hand knots her malas, which are made from crystals and stones. I learned about Angie from my girl BexLife

Mine is made with:

Green Calcite - associated with the heart chakra and is said to help with emotional balance and stress relief

Agate - inner stability and balance, self-esteem boosting

Hematite - grounding and stabilizing

Amazonite - courage and empowers you to search the self and discover ones own truths and integrity. Helps you move beyond fear of judgment from others.

Morganite - cleansing the emotional body of stress

Sandalwood - warmth and comfort

Sodalite - peace and harmony

Grace Space - I'm sure I've mentioned Grace Space a few times, but I'm so in love. I've been doing her meditation series' for a couple of months now. It's the perfect way to begin and end the day. 

The 21-Day Bootcamp has really helped me begin to move past some things that were holding me back from accomplishing goals and causing me to feel stuck. 

Now I'm doing her productivity meditation series. 

I love it so much, I became an ambassador and I get to offer you a 10-day free trial! Sign up for your free trial here -->>

Homemade Super Fruit Sonic Cherry Limeade - This is the drink of summer! 

12 oz. sparkling water

1/2 lime, juiced

1 scoop Cherry Minerals & Antioxidants (get it here -->

Add 2 oz. of sparkling water to a tall glass. Stir in the Minerals & Antioxidants powder and mix well. Add the lime juice and fill with ice. Pour remaining sparkling water and enjoy!

Recipe is from fellow health coach Eat Clean with Kasey. Follow her page for delicious healthy recipes and healthy living inspiration!

Popsicle Pool Float - My mom and I found this in Atlanta, and had to get it. We also bought a watermelon slice pool float that's super cute. My parents have a pool (and live a block away from me), so I spend a lot of time in their pool. 

H&M Don't Hate Meditate Jersey Tank - I also bought this in Atlanta. It's really comfortable and has a cute strappy back. I wore it to yoga, but I've also been wearing it to relax or run errands. 

What are some of your favorite summer things? Please share!

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