Weekend Recap {July 22-24, 2016}

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I just realized that I've gone out of town 2-3 weekends a month since May! I'm ready to spend some time at home and relax.

I, sort of, had a weekend at home this weekend. My mom and I made a quick trip to Lincoln so that I could get some blood work done. I made sure to get in lots of relaxing after that. I needed it!

Friday, July 22

After work, I went to the mall to check out the sidewalk sales. I had a rough week, and thought some retail therapy would help. I didn't end up buying anything, so I went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for dinner instead. I made a delicious cauliflower rice tofu stir fry.

I also enjoyed a Kona Lemongrass Luau, which is one of my fave summer beers.

I watched Scandal and ate popcorn until the BF arrived home from work at 10 p.m. We ended up going out because he wanted to see a band at Gillies bar. I saw a bunch of people I knew, and we stayed out until the bar closed. That's the first time that's happened in a looooong time! It was a fun night!

Saturday, July 23

With only 4.5 hours of sleep, I got up and got ready to head to Lincoln. I was tired, but felt fine because I only drank water all night. I had to fast for 12 hours for my blood work!

My appointment didn't take long. I made my mom take a picture of me with my little bandage ; )

I was starving by the time we finished, so we went to the Egg & I for breakfast. I had a green juice! Kale, cucumber, apple and ginger, I think. I also had avocado toast with eggs. It was all delicious!

After breakfast, I got an iced coffee at Panera. I ordered a large thinking it would be slightly bigger than a medium. No. It was twice the size of a medium! And because I was so tired, I drank most of it. Ugh. I didn't feel great after that. 

Since we were in Lincoln, my mom and I decided to get in a little shopping. We stopped at Trader Joe's so I could get veggie burgers and I ended up buying a bunch of stuff, as usual.

We also went to HomeGoods, which is my new favorite store. It was my first time there! I've been doing a lot of house reorganizing and decorating, so HomeGoods was perfect.

I ended up buying pillows for our couch, a yoga mat basket and a bunch of cute notebooks.

Our last stop was Hurts Donut, a new donut shop. One of my clients told me about this place, and donuts are my fave sweet indulgence, so I had to stop!

For some reason, we bought a dozen donuts. There were just so many to choose from and they all looked good!

My mom and I split a chocolate peanut butter cup cake donut while we were there. It was delicious! Just as good as VooDoo Doughnuts in Denver and Portland!

It was fun place.

When we got home, I was exhausted. I spent lots of time on the couch watching Scandal. My mom eventually picked me up again for a quick Target trip. I had a few more house things to buy plus some beauty products. 

I also bought these flamingo pajamas. Totally necessary.

I never ate lunch or dinner on Saturday! I think it was because I drank so much freaking coffee! All I had all day was a green juice, avocado toast and half a donut. Not like me at all. 

Sunday, July 24

I made scrambled eggs with onions, orange peppers and yellow peppers. I also had a side of leftover donuts. I cut into three different donuts and had pieces of each. I can never commit to one donut!

I meal planned for the week and watched the new documentary, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. It was really good! Definitely worth watching!

I bought groceries.

I meal prepped overnight oats, quinoa, hard boiled eggs…

and antioxidant + fruit ice cubes.

For lunch, I had leftover cauliflower rice tofu stir fry.

Most of the day was spent relaxing, occasionally doing some laundry or doing things around the house. I was still really tired! 

For dinner, I had a veggie burger and some Sun Chips. Totally lazy. I also enjoyed some rosé with my antioxidant ice cubes.

The BF was working most of the weekend, which is why I watched so much Scandal and didn't do much. I really needed a weekend like that!

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