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Posted August 8, 2016 in Your Holistically Hot Transformation, weight loss, healthy living, balance, book review, Marissa Vicario, self-care, holistic health


*I received an early copy of Marissa Vicario's book, Your Holistically Hot Transformation, in return for a book review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was really excited to read Marissa Vicario's book, Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-Judgment, because she is an integrative health and nutrition coach who graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (like me!). 

In Your Holistically Hot Transformation, Marissa shares her own journey to wellness and how she made getting healthy, fit and balanced (Hot) less intimidating and attainable. 

I totally connected to her approach to wellness...looking at how every area of your life fits together to make the whole.

Marissa spent nearly 15 years as a junk food vegetarian and unfulfilled corporate professional before she began her own journey to living a healthier, more balanced life. 

Becoming a health coach gave her life new meaning and her new career allowed her to make a difference in women's lives. 

I love her Holistically Hot approach! It's all about loving yourself, practicing self-care, fueling your body rather than starving it, challenging your body to move in new ways and giving yourself permission to be a work in progress. 

Her book is perfect for women who are ready to put dieting behind them and learn how to eat mindfully and start practicing self-care. 

The entire book is based on Marissa's own experiences beginning with when she hit rock bottom. I definitely connected to Marissa's story. She's relatable and makes living a healthy lifestyle feel completely attainable. 

All the explanations and concepts in her book are easy to follow..."When you eat whole foods, you can eat more food." Yes!!

Marissa goes into detail about why diets don't work, how your body uses food as fuel, digestion, stocking a healthy kitchen, meal planning, listening to your body, changing your relationship with food, practicing self-care and more.

She also includes client stories, which show how implementing her tips actually create real change.  

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After you read Holistically Hot, let me know what you think!

Marissa Vicario is an award-winning, board-certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, blogger and Women’s Health & Lifestyle Expert. As the Founder of Marissa's Well-being and Health, she is passionate about teaching women to trust themselves to make nutritious, slimming and energizing choices without resorting to fad diets and all-juice cleanses. Her tips, recipes and expertise have been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Glamour and Next Generation TV among many other women's lifestyle publications. When she's not teaching workshops and cooking classes or coaching clients in her private or group programs, you can find her traveling with her husband, David, running with the New York Road Runners or experimenting with flavorful, healthy recipes. 

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