Weekend Recap {Aug. 5-7, 2016}

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Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

My weekend started out pretty rough, but it turned around. The weather was cooler and cloudy, so it was the perfect weekend to relax with Netflix, do yoga and get some housework done. 

Friday, Aug. 5

Friday was a really intense, sad and scary day. Our dog, Coda, had been sick all week, and I took him to the vet Friday. He has congestive heart failure. 

I spent Friday night monitoring his breathing and heart rate and keeping him relaxed. He'll take pills for the rest of his life to keep his heart strong and keep fluid out of his lungs. 

Saturday, Aug. 6

The BF had to work super early. I got up early, dropped Coda off at my parent's house, and I drove an hour to Avani in Hastings to take some yoga classes. I have to take 30 classes as part of my yoga teacher training.

On my way there, I drank a green smoothie with almond milk, frozen banana, mango, baby kale, vanilla plant protein and marine collagen.

Sunrise Yoga at 7:30 a.m. and Weekend Warrior Yoga at 9 a.m. The first class was a stretchy slow flow and the second class was all about balance. Both were great. In between classes, I walked down the street to get coffee and I ran into our friends, Mark and Beth. It was great to catch up with them! 

When I got home, I picked Coda up and made lunch. Sautéed broccolini, red peppers and Brussels sprouts with quinoa and a Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burger from Trader Joe's.

Then I built this! It's for my home office/yoga room that I'm working on. 

I had a sweet craving, so I made this delicious chocolate dip - spoonful of natural peanut butter, 1 tsp. melted coconut oil, 1 tsp. cocoa powder, 1 tbsp. chia seeds and 2 tsp. honey. I dipped banana slices in it. Yum!

Later, I had my favorite drink - coconut La Croix with tropical fruit antioxidant drink mix. 

I made charcoal toothpaste. Get the recipe here.

Then I relaxed with Scandal.

The BF and I had dinner at Flippin Sweet Burgers. I had my usual Holly Golightly Veggie Burger - it has arugula, truffle aioli and caramelized onions - fries and a Kinkaider beer. 

Sunday, Aug. 7

I woke up when the BF left for work at 5:45 a.m. I made a pre-run breakfast - sprouted grain toast, natural peanut butter, banana slices, chia seeds and honey.

Then I proceeded to lounge on the couch watching the last few episodes of Scandal. I'm all done with all five seasons!!!! I'm so sad!

After Scandal was over, I put on my running clothes and shoes...and kept lounging. I eventually dusted the living room, cleaned the bathroom, straightened the house and made my meal plan for the week. I even made a smoothie with coconut water, frozen mango, frozen banana, kale and vanilla plant protein (I've been loving this combo lately!). Procrastination at its best. 

I finally went running around noon. Three miles!

I changed up my pink drink a bit to make it even more rehydrating for post-workout. I'll share the recipe soon!

Lunch was edamame pasta with broccolini, Brussels sprouts and pesto.

When the BF got off work, we drove to Hastings to see his grandma, dad and step-mom. We grabbed dinner at a Greek place. They didn't have many vegetarian options and I wasn't feeling chicken, so I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings. 

We got home late, and my stomach was not doing well. That's what happens when I eat cheese in excess and fried food. I drank some water with 1 tsp. of charcoal powder to help settle my stomach. 

By Sunday night, Coda seemed to be feeling a little better. He was breathing easier and not as lethargic. 

It wasn't the most adventurous or exciting weekend, but I got in some good workouts, accomplished some things at home and spent quality time with the BF.

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