Weekend Recap {Aug. 19-22, 2016}

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Happy Monday! It's a big week! The college course that I'm teaching starts on Tuesday, I have sessions with all of my health coaching clients scheduled this week and I'm scheduled to have a Sweet Success Health Coaching booth Thursday evening. 

I'll be honest, I was crazy stressed going into this week…especially because I got a headache Thursday night and it hung on until 4 a.m. this morning. 

It was the BF's first weekend off all summer, I felt like it was my last weekend of summer and I had a lot I wanted to accomplish to get ready for this week. So being in pain made the weekend stressful.

Friday, Aug. 19 

Because college classes started today, there were back to school events Friday. I stayed at work until about 7 p.m. helping with the Blue and Gold Showcase on campus. 

I grabbed Qdoba on my way home. I got my usual - naked vegetarian burrito topped with salsa verde and guacamole. I also got tortilla chips and guacamole.

I wasn't feeling great, so I spent the rest of the evening lounging on the couch. 

Saturday, Aug. 20

I started the day with yoga! I hoped it would help relieve my headache. I drank my antioxidant drink before and during class to stay hydrated. Mary taught a great power yoga class at the CHI Wellness Center. 

I felt great during yoga, but my head pain returned shortly after class. 

The BF had a whole day of fun planned to celebrate his first weekend off of work. I really wanted our weekend to be special, so I just tried to push through the pain. I used my essential oils and took a natural muscle relaxer, to help ease the pain.

The BF made me scrambled eggs and sprouted grain toast topped with coconut oil for breakfast. 

We ran a few errands in the morning. 

We had lunch at Flippin Sweet Burgers. I had the Holly Golightly veggie burger with no gruyere. 

We went bowling! The BF surprised me with a trip to the bowling alley. Luckily, I was feeling a bit better!

It was the perfect day date.

We went on a short hike at Cottonmill Park.

It was a beautiful day.

We got afternoon iced coffee. 

We relaxed at home for a bit. I made my egg-free peanut butter cookie dough and I added dairy-free chocolate chips.

That evening, we drove to Broken Bow and had dinner at Kinkaider Brewery. We love Kinkaider beer, and we've wanted to go to the brewery for awhile. It was a lot of fun. 

I had fish and chips. The fish was amazing and the fries were just OK.

Because it was only 50°, I decided to have their new Oktoberfest. I usually wait until the end of September to start drinking fall beers, but the unseasonably cool weather made it seem ok. Their beer is so good!

Sunday, Aug. 21

Since it's been months since I made a big weekend breakfast for the BF, I got up and made waffles (dairy-free) and veggie omelets. 

I started on my weekend to do list, but my headache was just too much. So I laid on the couch and took a short nap.

My niece called in the early afternoon and asked if she could come over. So her and I made vegan salted caramel hippie bars, which were amazing. We made smoothies and we played hair salon. 

In the evening, the BF and I bought groceries and grabbed fast food for dinner. That doesn't happen often, but my head was killing me and I didn't feel like dealing with dinner. We had plans to go on a bike ride with friends, but I bailed and spent the rest of the day with an ice pack on my head. 

I did enjoy some dairy-free Ben & Jerry's. 

I'm feeling better today, and focusing on staying positive about the week even though I didn't get much accomplished over the weekend. 

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