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I love listening to podcasts in the morning when I'm applying my make up and doing my hair (by doing my hair, I mean letting it air dry and spraying sea salt spray on it). 

Most of the podcasts that I listen to have some kind of inspirational theme, so it helps me start my day on a positive note. 

But I also love listening to podcasts on long drives, during walks or when I'm doing boring data entry-type stuff at work. I love that I'm able to listen to interviews with inspiring people or just learn about something new. 

While I mostly listen to holistic wellness podcasts, I did get REALLY into Serial. I couldn't stop listening. I would go on walks at work so I could keep listening. I listened to both seasons, and was obsessed. Like, so obsessed that I listened to and read all the supplemental stuff on the Serial website. So if you haven't listened to Serial, you probably should.

While I had a brief obsession with a real-life crime podcast, I mostly listen to inspirational podcasts. So I thought I would share my favorites with you! 

{By the way, one of my dreams is to have my own podcast!} 

Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder - Lori Harder is a fitness world champion and fitness model turned self-love junkie and founder of the Bliss Project. She interviews wellness leaders and entrepreneurs about how they find their happy. She also has podcasts quickies, 5-20 minute podcasts filled with motivational tips. 

I love that she interviews super inspirational people like Gabrielle Bernstein and Kathryn Budig, and people I didn't know before listening in. I always take away a bit of motivation and inspiration. The only downside is that Lori's interview skills aren't great. She asks super long winded questions, often asking multiple questions at a time. 

10% Happier with Dan Harris - I just started listening to this, and I love it. Dan Harris is an ABC newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America. This led him to meditation and writing the book, "10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics." I haven't read his book, but I love his podcast.

Through his podcast episodes, he's trying to find out if you can be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment. He interviews people like Weezer's River Cuomo, RuPaul, Arianna Huffington and Mario Batali about meditation and how they strive for enlightenment. He asks great questions, does tons of research before his interviews and shares some of his personal experiences with meditation. 

The Crave Cast - Alexandra Jamieson is a functional medicine health coach, author and co-creator of the film, Super Size Me (her ex-husband is Morgan Spurlock). She shares insights on what we crave and desire, and how to achieve well-being and happiness. 

She interviews super inspiring people. I had to take a break from listening to her podcasts because I kept buying the books of her guests every time I listened. 

Most of her interviews focus on cravings - physical and emotional - and how to create more balance in your life. 

The Soul Fueled CEO - Amber Lilyestrom is a business coach, writer and speaker (she's also Mrs. New Hampshire 2016). Her podcasts focus on creating a business that serves a higher purpose and is fulfilling emotionally and financially. 

This is one of those podcasts that I listen to and take notes. I love that she focuses on being your authentic self in your business. 

The Jillian Michaels Show - So if you only know Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, I highly suggest listening to her podcast. You definitely get a different side of her. She's compassionate, empathetic, loving and passionate about holistic health.

She definitely tells it like she sees it, but you really get to know her more. She shares nutrition and fitness tips, inspirational messages, interviews with doctors and therapists and takes questions from callers. 

The podcast is also a little wacky. She has a co-host Janis, and they are an interesting duo. 

Listening to her podcast was what made me want to go see her live when she was in Omaha a couple of years ago. It was such an inspirational talk! 

What else should I listen to? Share your podcast recommendations in the comments!

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