Weekend Recap {Sept. 3-5, 2016} - Labor Day Weekend

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. 

The BF and I had plans to go to Colorado over the weekend, but we ended up staying home because his grandma passed away. 

His family wasn't getting together until Monday, so we had a full weekend with nothing planned.

Saturday, Sept. 3

I got up way too early for a Saturday and drove to Hastings for Sunrise Yoga and Weekend Warrior Yoga. I'm still working on taking my 30 required classes at Avani Yoga Studio for my yoga teacher training. 

After class, I grabbed a cold brew coffee at the Art Bar. Such great coffee!

Then I visited our friends, Russanne and Justin, and met their new baby. He was super adorable and it was fun to see them as new parents.

When I got home, I stopped at my parent's house because my mom had made me dairy-free banana bread. It was delicious and satisfied my craving for baked goods. I had some for lunch with almond butter spread on top.

Post-yoga glow.

I had a burst of energy so I hand washed a ton of clothes and cleaned the house. I listened to podcasts and drank wine while I did this to make it more fun.

My new fave = popcorn + avocado oil + pink Himalayan salt

My usual = La Croix + antioxidant drink mix.

The BF and I went out on a little date that night. 

Indian food! I had vegetable korma and naan. It was delicious. We went to Everest Fusion Indian and Nepalese Cuisine, a new restaurant in town.

Sunday, Sept. 4

I made veggie egg scramble for the BF and I. His with cheese, mine without.

I also had avocado toast on sprouted grain bread and a piece of my mom's banana bread with coconut oil.

My niece came over, and we ended up making homemade body scrubs. We got on a roll and even had to make an emergency trip to Target for more Ball jars. We made pumpkin pie body scrub, lemon hand scrub, vanilla lavender body scrub, vanilla brown sugar body scrub and lemon sage body scrub. She wants to give them as gifts to people. 

My parent's picked us up, and we headed to the state fair. Our first mission was to find food. I, of course, didn't have a lot of choices. 

I don't eat a lot of meat and I can't eat dairy....so, I ate a few bites of a turkey leg (so gross) and had some French fries. 

After food and walking around the expo, the fam went for the rides. The BF and I found his sister and her kids to say hello, then the two of us made our way to the craft beer tent. We ended up playing a game of Ker Plunk with some people and enjoyed some Nebraska-made beer before finding my family again.

Even though I was hungry the whole afternoon and evening, I had fun. And I ended up walking 13,000 steps that day!

Monday, Sept. 5

Scrambled eggs, avocado toast and dairy-free banana bread with homemade blueberry jam. 

I spent most of the morning planning for the week, doing some marketing, meal planning and checking emails. 

I put on my new Kinkaider Brewery tank and drank some greens.

I watched the BF change his brake pads.

Yoga. A 20 minutes one0eight.tv video. Followed by a quick lunch - brown rice, veggie burger, grape tomatoes and Trader Joe's Goddess dressing. 

Then the BF and I headed to Hastings to spend time with his family. 

It was wonderful to have a weekend with no plans and just do what felt right in the moment. It was also nice to spend time with the BF's family on Monday and celebrate his grandma. 

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