Yoga Teacher Training - Weekend 5

Posted September 12, 2016 in yoga teacher training, yoga, yogi, healthy eating, dairy-free, self-care


I woke up this morning and thought it was Saturday….it's Monday. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week.

I'm totally exhausted after being in yoga teacher training over the weekend. I plan to take it easy the next couple of days - keeping my workouts light and not scheduling too many health coaching consultations or client sessions. 

Here's a recap of my yoga weekend….

Friday, Sept. 9

I didn't have time to put together my usual snacks for the weekend. But I quickly made a smoothie to drink during my drive to Hastings.

I also packed my overnight bag, my yoga mat and all my yoga books.

We spent the first hour of training doing a yoga class with Liz, the owner of Avani Yoga Studio. The rest of the evening was spent practice teaching (which meant we were practicing yoga all night).

I ate dinner at nearly 10:30 p.m. after training was over. I brought brown rice, black beans and veggies from home. 

Saturday, Sept. 10

I stayed overnight at the BF's parent's house and had brought overnight oats topped with blueberries for breakfast. 

I was back at the yoga studio for the 7:30 a.m. sunrise yoga class, which felt unexpectedly challenging. Maybe I was just sore from the night before. (I have to take 30 classes at Avani as a requirement for my training, so I try to get them in whenever possible).

After class, Jacquie, another yoga teacher trainee, and I went to the Back Alley Bakery for breakfast. I ordered scrambled eggs and coffee. They didn't have anything dairy-free on their menu, so I just ordered off the menu. I knew I would need the fuel for the rest of the day! (Side note: Jacquie is an amazing massage therapist, if you're looking for one! She works at Alejandro's Salon and Spa in Kearney.)

Junk Street, an antique/crafty shopping event, was happening on the street right outside of the yoga studio, so we walked around and shopped. I bought a piece of artwork with a  lotus flower for my at-home yoga space. 

Training started at 10 a.m. with an arm balance workshop with Suzanne Wright from Evolve to Harmony (Suzanne is one of our yoga teacher trainers). It was a challenging class that had us attempting crow pose by the end. I got up for just a couple of seconds!

I had lunch with a group of ladies at Odyssey. They didn't have many non-meat, non-dairy options. I ended up ordering a side of quinoa apple salad. It was good, but not amazing. And it definitely wasn't enough to make me feel satisfied or keep me energized all day.

We spent the rest of the day talking about power yoga, sequencing and more. I didn't take many photos because my phone was out of space. 

I got home around 8 p.m., and the BF and I went to Flippin Sweet Burgers for dinner. I had the Crash Davis veggie burger, fries and a vanilla porter. It was so good after such a long day.

The BF ordered the burger special and it had escargot on it! I didn't try it, but he loved it.

Sunday, Sept. 11

I woke up feeling really tired and run down. I had avocado toast with eggs for breakfast. 

Then I drove back to Hastings. I had to be there by 9 a.m. 

We talked about the business of yoga for a couple hours, then took another arm balance workshop. I really struggled with this class. It brought up a lot of feelings of self-doubt. 

I ordered a grilled chicken salad with no feta at Blue Moon Coffee Shop (the meat-free options didn't seem satisfying enough). It took about 30 minutes to get it, and when I finally got back to the yoga studio to eat, I realized they had put feta on it (it was buried under the chicken). Luckily, one of the ladies in my class had brought a salad that she was willing to share. I added some of the chicken from my salad to her greens and that was lunch.

We got to take class outside for the afternoon. It felt good to spend some time in the sun after being in the yoga studio all weekend. I drank some greens to give me a little energy boost. 

I got home around 5 p.m.  I went to the store to get organic tortilla chips so I could eat chips and guacamole, and I ended up buying a bunch of random stuff because I was hungry.

But the chips, guac and glass of white wine I had were so worth my grocery store run! After my little appetizer, the BF made grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner, which was a much-needed healthy meal after a really active weekend.

And then I crashed. 

Overall, the weekend was full of positivity and growth. This was probably the hardest yoga teacher training weekend for me. My body struggled with the practice and it made me feel a lot of self-doubt. This is the beauty and challenge of yoga. It forces you to look inward. 

Also, please remind me to bring my own food next time! Downtown Hastings restaurants are not dairy-free friendly.

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