Weekend Recap (Sept. 16-18, 2016}

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It's Tuesday and I'm finally writing my recap of the weekend! The weekend ended up being full because the BF's family was in town, and my Monday was a bit crazy.

I'm still working on creating a routine and managing my workload with the new class that I'm teaching at the university. I'll be honest, my Sweet Success work is getting harder to manage…which is why I turned down an offer to teach another class next semester. Saying no is so hard! 

But when I thought about my mission - inspiring people create change to live their healthiest and happiest lives - I knew I needed to say yes to myself and my goals. 

I have a full week, and it feels a bit overwhelming. So I'm making self-care a priority. I got a massage yesterday after work, I'm getting back to consistent meditation and I have a few yoga classes scheduled this week. 

Before I get too wrapped up in this week, here's a look at my eats and adventures from the weekend...

Friday, Sept. 16

It was National Guacamole Day, so I whipped up some homemade guacamole when I got home. Since I stopped eating dairy, I've been eating A LOT of avocados and guac. It's getting out of hand. If you missed my post about guacamole, you must read it!

My body was sore from taking a strength training class that morning and going to yoga at noon, so I spent the evening relaxing. 

I made a brown rice, sautéed veggies and scrambled egg bowl for dinner. 

Saturday, Sept. 17

I slept in, then headed straight to yoga at the CHI Wellness Center. Mary taught a great heart and hip opening class. My whole body was sore from Friday morning's class so the active poses felt brutal, but the stretchy poses felt amazing. I took my antioxidant drink with me to class.

Breakfast was Van's Foods whole grain dairy-free blueberry waffles topped with Earth's Balance buttery spread, pure maple syrup and blueberries.

After breakfast, I made a dairy-free peach blueberry crumble. I'm sharing this recipe with you soon! So good!

The BF and I made a quick trip to the mall, and I found this!! 

And I bought these for $8. My tank is from Stitch Fix

We grabbed lunch at Panera. It was a bit of a fiasco. I need to look up all the dairy-free options at restaurants before I arrive. I ended up ordering a bowl of turkey chili. I really like their chili, but I wanted a sandwich or salad. It was difficult to find out what contained dairy. 

Then we drove to Hastings. The BF's sister, brother-in-law and nephews were visiting from Washington. We played basketball with the boys and had dinner with them and the BF's dad and step-mom. It was lots of fun to see them.

When we got home, I graded papers for my class. 

Sunday, Sept. 18

Breakfast was scrambled eggs on top of avocado toast and peach blueberry crumble. Dessert for breakfast!

The BF and I made a quick trip to Target…I got a coffee at Starbucks. My maxi dress is also from Stitch Fix! I'm pretty sure half my wardrobe is from Stitch Fix at this point.

Then we went back to Hastings to hang with the fam. We took the boys fishing and had lunch with everyone. So fun!

When we got home that evening, I did my meal planning for the week. I'm really looking forward to trying Blue Apron!

We went to the grocery store and I found this dessert hummus. I bought the brownie batter! I'm excited to try it! I feel like I could recreate this at home easily.

I also bought a dairy-free pizza. It may have been the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten. It tasted…sticky. I was actually sick all day Monday after eating this. 

It was a great weekend full of fun family time. Now I'm off to tackle my mile-long to do list!

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