Weekend Recap {Oct. 7-9, 2016}

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October is kind of a crazy month. 

I'll teach six wellness workshops, I've added two new fitness classes to my weekly schedule, I have some major goals for my health coaching business and nutrition line…on top of my usual stuff. 

So I'm making extra effort to practice self-care during this busy time. I did work on my business over the weekend, but I also read, took a yoga class, baked, cooked delicious healthy meals, spent time with my mom and niece, went hiking and watched documentaries. 

When life gets full, it can be easy to put self-care to the side. But those are the times we need it most!

Here's a recap of my weekend...

Friday, Oct. 7

After work, I drove to Hastings and went to Happy Hour Yoga at Avani Yoga Studio. I'm still working on getting in all my required yoga classes for my yoga teacher training. 

I drank a green smoothie on my way there, and drank my minerals and antioxidant drink after class. 

After class, I met with a couple ladies from my class to work on a group assignment. I had the most amazing cinnamon cardamom tea that tasted like Christmas.

I got home around 8:30 p.m., and the BF and I decided to have a late date night. We went to the Market Grille. I had salmon and steamed broccoli and a side of chips and guacamole. 

Saturday, Oct. 8

Breakfast was sprouted grain toast with avocado and scrambled eggs with turmeric, red pepper flakes and pink Himalayan salt. Also my usual coffee and supplements.

I did some shopping with my mom and niece. My mom bought me these booties. Check them out here. {affiliate link}

Then I taught my Kick Your Sugar Cravings Workshop at KTown Shakedown, a local fitness studio. It was a great class! I'm teaching this class again on Thursday through the local community college! 

I grabbed an iced coffee from Starbucks after class as a little treat.

Lunch was a black bean burrito bowl - brown rice, black beans and veggies topped with guacamole.

I relaxed with tea and my antioxidants drink. I watched the Netflix original movie Tallulah, which was really good!

The BF wasn't feeling great, so we stayed home all day. I cleaned and organized the house, and worked on a new gift for you! It's a new guide - Lose Weight Without Obsessing Over Food. I'm really excited about this guide because I spent so many years dieting and having my whole life revolve around food. Food should be enjoyed and this guide has the perfect tips to help you enjoy food more while you're trying to lose weight. 

For dinner, I made another Blue Apron meal! Cod with udon noodles. After dinner, we watched the documentary Grizzly Man. It is definitely worth watching!

Sunday, Oct. 9

I made baked pumpkin spice doughnuts for breakfast (gluten-free and dairy-free). I used this recipe. I also made a pumpkin spice coconut whipped frosting for mine. The BF got a cinnamon sugar topping.

Meal plan for the week! I watched the documentary Happy on Netflix while I meal planned. Another good one!

Lunch was a black bean burrito bowl with quinoa, black beans, veggies and guacamole. 

I went to Target with my mom and niece and found these socks. They have avocado toast on them!! They also have some with broccoli and a pair that say #Hangry. I made need those. You can find them here. {affiliate link}

The BF and I shared a pumpkin spice smoothie! Get the recipe on my Instagram

We needed to get out of the house, so we explored a new to us trail. 

It was a gorgeous day. I had to stop drop and yoga.

We made a new friend.

Then we bought pumpkins. 

I curled up with an Oktoberfest and finished my book - In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. It was so good! Very suspenseful. 

We had dinner with my parents. They have the best tree in their front yard. 

And the weekend was over. They always go so fast. It was just the break that I needed. Now back to work!

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