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The holiday season is here! 

This time of year is supposed to be the happiest time of year, but it can end up being a stressful time that leads to overeating and feelings of guilt (which can lead to more overeating). 

I know what it's like to begin a new year having gained weight over the holidays, feeling guilty about all of my indulgences and feeling bummed and overwhelmed about needing to lose those extra holiday pounds. 

The most effective way to stay on track during the holidays is to have specific goals and accountability. Which is why I created this Happy Healthy Holidays Guide and Accountability Program for you.

Having someone to stay accountable to is everything! 

What if you could truly enjoy the holidays without feeling overly stressed? 

What if you made it through the holidays without gaining weight?

What if you were able to let go of the need to be perfect during the holidays? 

What if you made it through holiday gatherings with family without old insecurities creeping back up? 

What if you had time to relax and truly enjoy the holidays? 

What if you could begin the new year feeling healthy and energized?  

With this program, you'll get support, guidance and accountability from me, a certified health coach throughout the holiday season. 

It's the six weeks between Thanksgiving week and the week of New Year's that can create chaos with your health. In just six week, you can undo your diet, gain weight and start the new year feeling like you have to start over. 

So between Nov. 21 and Jan. 2, I'll guide and support you!

Here's what you get:

  • A 13-page eBook that features four ways to create your happiest and healthiest holiday season plus 10 healthy holiday recipes.
  • Twice weekly motivational emails.
  • More healthy holiday recipes.
  • Exclusive access to my private accountability Facebook group
  • The chance to win prizes that will help you stay healthy throughout the holidays.

Each Monday, you’ll receive an email that focuses on a goal that will help you stay healthy and happy during the holidays. You’ll get specific actions steps to take that week to stick to your goal.  

Every Thursday, you’ll receive an email from me checking in to ask how your action steps are going and to provide guidance, encouragement and accountability.  

Each week will feature a different topic to help you have your happiest and healthiest holiday season...

Nov. 21-27 – Getting through the holidays without eating everything 

Nov. 28-Dec. 4 – Focus on self-care this holiday season 

Dec. 5-11 – Manage holiday stress 

Dec. 12-18 – Drink and be merry (without sabotaging your diet) 

Dec. 19-25 – Surviving the holiday dessert table 

Dec. 26-Jan 2 – Set yourself up for a healthy, happy new year

Buy it now for $19

Your Happy Holiday Holidays Guide will be delivered to you on November 20. On November 21, you'll get your first goal and specific action steps.

Stay Happy and Healthy this holiday season!


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