Weekend Recap {Nov. 18-20, 2016} - I bought a car!

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I love a short work week before a holiday. It's always more low key and there's anticipation and excitement for the upcoming celebration. 

The BF and I had plans to go to Omaha to visit family, so we went a day early so I could buy a new car!! If you've been reading my Weekend Recaps for awhile, you know I've been to the Subaru dealership a bunch of times!

Friday, Nov. 18

We left home early so that we'd get to Omaha by mid-morning. 

The car buying process took about three hours. I've known that I wanted a Subaru Crosstrek for the past two years. Last time we were at Baxter Subaru, I pinpointed the model that I wanted. 

Aaron, my salesperson, made sure he had one on the lot in the color I wanted. He actually had one brought up from Kansas City the day before we got there! Aaron was really amazing to work with!

I was actually sad to say goodbye to my old Malibu. I've had it for 10 years and it was the first car that I bought and paid for myself. But it had some issues - one of the headlights only worked occasionally, the right turn signal didn't work, my gas gauge didn't work…it was time for a new car. 

My new car is beautiful and fancy. 

We celebrated with ramen bowls at Flagship Commons, which is across the street from Baxter. 

Then we checked into Element, our favorite hotel. 

Celebrated with a glass of wine in bed. 

And had dinner at Roja Mexican Grill. I ordered avocado and black bean tacos with no cheese and I had two margaritas (which was one too many). We went to bed early because we were both exhausted from the early morning and car buying process. 

Saturday, Nov. 19

I got up early and went to Evolve to Harmony Yoga for a class with Suzanne, one of my yoga teacher trainers. Her class was amazing and challenging. 

She recommended that I stop by Whisk + Measure, a coffee shop and bakery near the yoga studio. They make lots of vegan and paleo pastries. 

I had a vegan apple pie bar, and it was really freaking amazing. It's the first time I've had a rich, decadent pastry since I gave up dairy. So. Good.

The BF and I walked around the Old Market for awhile.

Then met my parents at Flagship Commons for lunch. I was really impressed with Flagship Commons! It's super modern and cool, and all the restaurants have vegan options. I had a Yum Yum Bowl with brown rice, tofu, Brussels sprouts and curry sauce from the Japanese restaurant. Delicious!

We explored the new Container Store, which my niece was a huge fan of. She loves organizing. It made me want to reorganize everything! We met my brother and sister-in-law at Nebraska Crossing.

Then headed to Embassy Suites to check in. We saw a hot air balloon on our way there!

We spent the evening hanging out with family - my aunt and uncle, cousins and their children. It was lots of fun. They ordered in pizza, so I ordered dinner from the hotel restaurant. I got a chicken and vegetable stir fry, which was good.

Sunday, Nov. 20

Sunday morning was slow moving. We ate breakfast, I taught a short yoga class to my cousins and aunt in our hotel room, we got ready for the day, and finally packed up.

My family and I stopped at Costco before we left town. We always have to go to Costco. Then we headed home. 

The BF and I grabbed dinner at Flippin Sweet Burgers, our usual Sunday spot, and picked up groceries for Thanksgiving. 

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