Weekend Recap {Dec. 2-4, 2016} - Aerial Yoga + Gingerbread Houses

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My intention for the weekend was to rest and relax. But I somehow managed to be on the go for most of the weekend. 

Even though I didn't have a lot of time for relaxing, the weekend was full of quality time with the BF, my family and friends. 

And I had a fitness adventure! Here are details from my weekend...

Friday, Dec. 2

After work, I went to KTown Shakedown for an aerial yoga class! The owner, Elaine, and her husband just got their certifications for anti-gravity yoga and they installed all the yoga swings in their fitness studio. 

The class was an introductory class that allowed you to learn the basics of aerial yoga. I was a bit nervous because I'm scared of yoga inversions, and I wasn't sure if I'd like hanging upside down.

But Elaine and Chad were super fun and made it feel very approachable. It actually felt really good to be upside down. 

When I got home, I made popcorn with avocado oil and pink Himalayan salt for dinner. It had been such a long week, and I was exhausted. 

Saturday, Dec. 3

I drove to Grand Island to give my Kick Your Sugar Cravings Workshop at Snap Fitness. My friend Ashlee, who I met in yoga teacher training, is the owner of this Snap Fitness. 

The fitness studio just launched a 21 day holiday detox, and I got to share all my sugar cravings tips to help the detoxers during their journeys. 

I also shared my favorite green smoothie recipe. 

It was a lot of fun. I always feel so grateful that I get to give these workshops. Everyone is always willing to share their struggles. That vulnerability is really the key to making change. Sharing your story, asking for help and creating a supportive community makes creating change so much easier. 

When I got home, I fully intended to spend the rest of the day in sweatpants. But before I knew it the BF and I were headed downtown to Buffalo Records, we were having lunch with my parents at Qdoba and we were picking up craft beer to restock our beer fridge. When we finally returned home, I made this amazing peppermint mocha. I'll share the instructions in a blog post soon!

We picked up groceries then headed out for an ugly sweater party (my ugly sweater collection is above!). We didn't know the host, but a friend of the host invited us. It was a good time. I couldn't eat any of the food, but I planned on that so I had an Amy's Organic Dairy-Free Burrito before I went to the party. 

Sunday, Dec. 4

I slept in, then walked to my parent's house for my manicure appointment. My niece has a manicure station and has a little nail business (her only clients are family). 

She calls me to set my appointments every couple of weeks and she charges $1.50 plus tax. It's actually a really good deal because she gives a good manicure.

She's been getting more interested in learning how to do nail art, so I created a Pinterest board for her and introduced her to the world of pinning. She picked a few winter/Christmas designs she wanted to do, and made a list of supplies she needed. She loves to be organized and make lists. I get her. 

I stopped at my friend Lauren's house for coffee and kombucha while she folded her laundry. I don't spend enough time with girlfriends. It's something I need to make more of a priority. Side note: Lauren makes her own kombucha and she's a super awesome freelance writer. Follow her!

I went to Target with my mom and niece to get nail supplies. 

Then the BF and I drove to Hastings for gingerbread house making. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions. We always have so much fun laughing with our friends while we build our gingerbread houses. 

This was my house. I was really proud of my Twizzler wreath. 

So cute. 

They always turn out so cute. I love our little village. 

We spent the rest of the night eating pizza (mine without cheese), drinking wine, giving each other foot rubs and watching Good Girls Revolt. This was the first time I relaxed all weekend, and the moment that I realized I need to do less. I'll share more about this when I share my goals for 2017!

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