Weekend Recap {Dec. 9-11, 2016}

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I had a three day weekend, and I still feel like the weekend flew by! 

My weekend was filled with holiday festiveness - Christmas shopping, a holiday party, Christmas movies and a drive through town to look at Christmas lights. This time of year is so much fun. 

Here's a look at my weekend..

Friday, Dec. 9

I took a vacation day from my 8 to 5 to work on my health coaching business. When my business to do list gets too overwhelming, I take a day off of work to work. 

The day started early with a mug of warm water, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and coconut oil. I ate oatmeal with chia seeds and almond butter to fuel up for my work day, then I got to work.

I spent most of the day writing copy for my new website. Sweet Success is currently getting a redesign. I hired Type B Studio, and they are doing an amazing job! 

I took a break at noon to take a yoga class at the CHI Wellness Center and go to the chiropractor. I go to Schrock Chiropractic, and I've been really pleased with my experience there. 

In the afternoon my friend, Lauren, came over so we could plan our next Kearney Area Entrepreneurs meeting and come up with meeting topic ideas for 2017. 

Then I started working on a program that I will launch in January! It's going to be so amazing, and really help you reach your new year's health goals!

That evening, the BF and I went to his work holiday party. It was a lot of fun. This was the only photo I took ; )

Saturday, Dec. 10

I woke up early and made a green smoothie. It was still dark outside when I had my green smoothie, so I took a dark photo ; )

Then I went to the Wellness Center to teach three fitness classes. 

When I got home, I made second breakfast for me and first breakfast for the BF - an egg and veggie scrambled with toast topped with vegan butter. I also had my minerals and antioxidant drink to recover from two hours of teaching fitness classes. 

That afternoon, the BF and I stopped for coffee at a cute new coffee shop. 

The coffee was terrible, but the sticker on the lid was super cute. Hopefully it was just the day, and the coffee is usually better. 

We drove to Grand Island to do some Christmas shopping. I'm almost done with all of my shopping! I also fell in love with this dress. Where could I wear this?

We went to my fave store, TJ Maxx. I always find the best stuff there! Isn't that plaid casserole dish so cute? The BF found that. They have a surprising selection of organic and vegan packaged food. 

Dinner was sushi rolls at Wasabi Bistro. They were so so good. 

When we got back to town, we went to Craft Beer Night at Gillies Bar. They had almost 80 beers for $1 when you paid a $10 cover. I had one beer so it wasn't really worth it for me, but I still had fun.

Sunday, Dec. 11

I made pumpkin French toast for breakfast and it was delicious! I'm going to share the recipe with you this week. 

I watched two Christmas movies while I shopped online for the BF's Christmas gifts. 

Then we took a trip to Target and the grocery store. 

That evening, the BF made a delicious chicken and orzo soup, which I ate while cuddled under a fuzzy blanket and with a glass of white wine. It was Sunday evening perfection.

After dinner, we drove around listening to old Christmas music and looked at Christmas lights. 

Do you have all of your holiday shopping done?

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