Weekend Recap {Dec. 16-18, 2016}

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It's Christmas week! I love this time of year, and I'm really grateful that I've been able to do some of my favorite holiday things - make gingerbread houses, drive around and look at Christmas lights, watch cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, decorate sugar cookies and more. 

I have just a few more days of work and then I'm off work until the New Year! Getting time off during Christmas is definitely a great perk of working at a university. 

Friday, Dec. 16

I had a low key evening. I ran to target for Scotch tape and a last minute Christmas gift. I wrapped a few Christmas gifts, watched a Christmas movie, and made spaghetti squash with marinara sauce for dinner, and enjoyed a glass of rosé. 

Saturday, Dec. 17

I was up early drinking a green smoothie and getting ready to teach two yoga classes at the CHI Wellness Center

I taught yin yoga and an all levels flow. It was 1º outside, snowy and windy, so I had low expectations for attendance in my classes. But two people came to yin and one was at my flow class. I was impressed! I didn't think anyone would show. 

After yoga, I went to the post office to mail Christmas gifts to my grandma and aunt in New Mexico, my health coaching clients and a friend in Oregon. I was preparing myself for a long wait there, but I think the frigid temp helped keep people at home. 

I had second breakfast when I got home. Avocado toast with eggs, red pepper flakes and pink Himalayan salt. And coffee. I've actually been buying pre-made guacamole for my avocado toast because avocados haven't been tasting very good. 

Then I made my favorite energy balls ever! Gingerbread energy balls. They are so so so good. I'll share the recipe with you this week.

The BF, my mom, niece and I braved the cold to pick giving ornaments off of the SAFE Center tree and purchase the gifts listed on the ornaments. The SAFE Center is a domestic violence help agency. My mom, niece and I bought gifts last year, and decided to make it a tradition. 

We were at Target for TWO hours! When the BF and my niece get together they are goofballs. They were distracted by everything. But we purchased gifts for four people using the SAFE Center. 

That evening, my parents, niece and I went to Let it Snow by the Crane River Theatre Company at the Merryman Performing Arts Center. It was a lot of fun. The show featured holiday songs, dancing, theatre and storytelling. 

Sunday, Dec. 18

My niece slept over, so I made us egg and veggie scrambles for breakfast. We hung out all morning in our pajamas. She watched Fuller House on Netflix while I drank coffee and attempted to tidy up the house. 

Then I headed to Hastings for Crafternoon. When I arrived, I took a few steps on the sidewalk and slipped and fell on the ice! I came down hard on my left elbow and left knee and rolls of yarn flew everywhere! I wasn't seriously injured, but I'm still sore today.

Our project was pom pom rugs. It started off a bit rough, but we eventually got the hang of it. I'm making mine for my niece. Crafternoon is really about getting together with the girls, drinking wine, laughing and talking. It doesn't really matter if the crafts turn out well. 

When I arrived home, the BF had an early Christmas present for me. The new She & Him Christmas Party album! We listened to it while I enjoyed a glass of rosé. 

Then we went to my parent's house for dinner. We spent the evening decorating sugar cookies, a holiday tradition. 

I take my cookie decorating very seriously. (I didn't eat a single cookie. I'm sticking to the dairy-free life). 

How did you spend the last weekend before Christmas? Shopping, celebrating, decorating?

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