My Word for 2017 - Intention

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I've always loved setting goals in the New Year. It just seems like the perfect time for new beginnings and an ideal time to check in with yourself to see if your actions are aligned with your vision for your future.

I usually take some time at the end of the year to review the past year and write some goals for the new year. But this year, I found myself coming back to this process over and over again. 

I journaled my accomplishments in 2016, my favorite memories, my worries for the coming year, release statements, what I want to manifest in 2017, how I want to feel and more. 

I realized that I was spending so much time creating a clear vision for the year because I felt like I was treading water during 2016. I overcommitted and over-scheduled myself, and found myself doing things without a clear idea of what I wanted to get out of the experience.  

I spent so much time focused on being productive and getting through my to do list, but I never manifested what I desired and I ended up feeling stressed and burned out by the end of the year. 

That's why I was drawn to the word "intention." In 2017, I will become clear on my intentions and take conscious, inspired action that's aligned with my words and desires. 

Creating a life with intention simply means having a specific focus, and making everything you do stay in line with your intention. 

I love picking a word to focus on for the year because it allows me to make choices with that word in mind, staying true to my vision for myself. 

In addition to picking my word, I also thought about some things I'd like to let go of and some specific goals. 


Release Statements

I release productivity as self-worth.

I release feeling obligated to say yes.

I release comparison to others and my old self.

I release not feeling good enough.

I release the feeling that doing nothing has no value. 

I release the expectations I put on myself.


Intentions for 2017 

I prioritize my own happiness over feelings of obligation.

I spend less on material items and more on experiences.

I use social media in an intentional way for my business and spend less time scrolling my news feed mindlessly.

I travel to places that nourish me and enrich my life.

I nurture relationships. 

I have fun and do things that bring me joy.

I feel the wholeness of each day not using productivity as a measure for success.

I make yoga accessible to people of all fitness levels.

I create a supportive, empowering and positive online community.

I use my authentic voice to create unique programs and experiences that change people's lives. 

I create financial abundance.

I create blank space in my life - time to ponder, reflect, relax, do nothing, just be.


Intentions don't work without action, so I've thought about ways I can begin to manifest each of these things with specific steps. Some of my intentions for the year connect with one another, so my action steps will move me toward multiple intentions.

A support system is also key to accomplishing goals. I already have a health coaching accountability partner and an accountability group for my nutrition line team. But this year my friend, Russanne, and I plan to create accountability for one another. I've never had an accountability partner for my personal goals, so I'm looking forward to having that support. 

I also hosted an intention setting get together with a group of girlfriends. This allowed all of us to share our goals out loud, which I believe is another key to reaching your goals.

One of the things I really took to heart as I created my goals for the year was something my wellness mentor, Rebekah Borucki wrote…

"Create resolutions from a place of love. It's not about being better. How can I feel my best in this moment with the tools that I have? By being your best, you serve others - your relationships and the world. When you start showing up for yourself, you can show up for others. What is your greatest desire in this moment?"

Each of the intentions I set will move me toward being my best and allow me to really show up for myself. 

I used How to Write Fail-Proof New Year's Resolutions That Inspire to guide me through the process of creating intentions. 

What are your goals/intentions for the year?

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