What I Eat in a Day {Jan. 24, 2017}

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Ever wonder what a health coach eats throughout the day? Today I'm sharing every single thing that I ate yesterday!

Tuesdays are my longest days, so it's important that I eat for optimal energy. I teach fitness classes at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and work my 8 to 5 in between, so it's a long day that requires plenty of energy.

I'm usually pretty tired by the time I get home, which is why I try to keep dinner simple - leftovers or something easy to throw together. 

I'm currently not eating dairy, and I usually only eat meat a couple times a week. Tuesday just happened to be a dairy-free, meat-free day (not vegan because I ate eggs). 

I don't count calories or track my food. I simply focus on eating whole foods that will make me feel my best. 

Here's a look at my entire day...

Workout: I taught a cycling class, then I took the Pilates class that follows.

Workout Hydration: Tropical Fruit Minerals & Antioxidants

Breakfast: Protein Pancakes topped with cashew butter and pure maple syrup + Warm Apple Cider Vinegar Drink + Coffee

I made the protein pancakes and the apple cider vinegar drink ahead of time, so all I had to do was warm them up. 

Supplements: Fish Oil, Multivitamins, Probiotic, Vitamin B, Magnesium

Morning Snack: Homemade Trail Mix (cashews, peanuts, goji berries, dried cranberries and cacao nibs)

I keep a glass jar full of homemade trail mix in my desk drawer at work. 

Lunch: Toasted Ezekiel Bread topped with Avocado + Eggs + Red Pepper Flakes + Pink Himalayan Salt

I live about 5 minutes away from my office, so I come home from work for lunch most days. I typically eat leftovers, but I occasionally cook something quick. Avocado toast with eggs is my go-to. 

Afternoon Snack: Mocha Chia Pudding + Cashew Cream + Greens Blend

OMG, this mocha chia pudding is so good. It's the third time I've made it! I just combine 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup cold strong coffee, 4 tbsp. chia seeds, 1 tbsp. pure maple syrup and 1 scoop chocolate plant protein powder in a glass jar. Refrigerate overnight, and enjoy. I highly recommend adding a spoonful of cashew cream!

I hadn't eaten enough fruits or veggies (banana in my protein pancakes and avocado for lunch), so I mixed up my Greens Blend in water to get in some greens. 

Workout: I taught water aerobics

Dinner: Black Bean Burger topped with Avocado + Leftover Za'atar Roasted Broccoli Salad with Fregola Sarda and Tahini Dressing

I buy black bean burgers from Costco, and they're amazing. 

Dessert: Vegan Banana Bread with vegan butter spread

I felt satisfied all day, and had plenty of energy to get through teaching fitness classes and a full day of work. Everything I ate was super flavorful, and also full of nutrition! I could have eaten more fruit and veggies, but I don't spend time getting down on myself about what I eat or don't eat. There's always another day to improve.

What do you eat to stay energized all day?

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