Weekend Recap {January 27-29, 2017} - Celebrating the BF's birthday

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I'm a little slow getting to my Weekend Recap this week because I was feeling a bit rough on Monday after a weekend filled with late nights and lots of eating out. 

The BF's birthday is today, so we spent the weekend celebrating with friends and my family. It was such a great weekend. 

Here's a look...

Friday, Feb. 27

Just as I was looking into my empty refrigerator, my parent's called and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with them and my niece. Yes! We went to El Limon, and I had my usual vegetable fajitas. I wasn't into the beans and rice, so I just ate the veggies with some guac on tortillas.

When the BF got off work, we met up with our friends, Ely, Laura, Will and Kurt, at Gillies for birthday drinks. 

I enjoyed two beers early in the night, then sipped water for the rest of the evening. 

After the bar closed at 1 a.m., the group decided Daylight Donuts was a must. I can't eat donuts since I'm not eating dairy, so I just enjoyed the delicious smell of the donut shop. It was so so hard…I love donuts.

And….at 2 a.m. we were finally home. 

Saturday, Feb. 28

I woke up around 7:30 a.m. to a string of text messages containing only emojis. My niece was, apparently, ready for me to be awake. She wanted to come over and look at an old typewriter in our basement. Our landlords have some antiques stored in our basement, and my dad remembered that it was down there. My niece had never heard of a typewriter before and wanted to see it.

After the early morning visit, I ate a few raw cashews then went to yoga at the CHI Wellness Center. Reve taught a really nice hip opening class. 

Just as I was arriving home, my friend Lauren asked if I wanted to check out a new coffee shop called Calico Coffee Company. The space is super cute! I can definitely see myself meeting clients there or going there to work on my computer. 

I had a delicious pour over coffee. 

When I got home, I finally had breakfast. Ezekiel toast with avocado and eggs. 

Later, the BF and I went to Komal Mexican Taqueria for lunch. I had just eaten breakfast, like, an hour before we went. So I ate a few bites of a pinto bean rice bowl topped with guacamole and some tortilla chips.

Then we went to the RV show! The BF has been looking forward to this for weeks. Ely's family owns Mason RV, so we checked out their selection. The BF and I really want to buy a camper someday. I'm obsessed with the vintage looking pull behind campers.

We spent the afternoon relaxing.

Then we drove to Hastings for SIP (Spirits and Interesting People), which is organized by the Hastings Museum. But first, we stopped at the Plainsman in Juniata for dinner. This is one of the BF's favorite restaurants because they have good prime rib. There's not a lot of good food I can eat there, so I ordered a chicken sandwich and fries. The chicken had a weird texture, so I basically ate fries for dinner. 

At SIP, you spend about 10 minutes at each table while someone presents on a topic. Then a timer goes off and you move to the next table. It's the same concept as speed dating, but you are there to learn about random things like snakes, pathology, knot tying, fencing and vinyl. We had fun hanging with some of our Hastings friends.

Sunday, Feb. 29

Breakfast was Ezekiel toast topped with avocado and scrambled eggs mixed with sautéed spinach, onion and green pepper. 

We spent the entire morning relaxing. 

I had organized a surprise birthday lunch for the BF. All of our friends from Hastings were going to meet us at Flippin Sweet Burgers, but when they all arrived there was a 40 minute wait. The BF and I were just heading out the door, so I told everyone to go to the Market Grille and I stalled the BF for awhile to allow them all to get there first. I was freaking out a bit. 

He was definitely surprised when we walked in and he saw all of our friends. We had a great lunch catching up with everyone. I knew that he would appreciate some quality time with friends for his birthday. 

I had shrimp tacos and a mimosa. I'm not really sure what it was, but I felt sick for the rest of the day. Like, major stomach issues. I probably won't be eating shrimp for awhile.

After breakfast, I had started making the BF's birthday cake. He requested a cake I could enjoy, so I made a vegan apple spice cake with maple buttercream frosting. After lunch, I finished frosting the cake. 

That evening, we went to my parent's house for the BF's birthday dinner. My mom made lasagna (dairy-free for me). We all ate, hung out and enjoyed birthday cake. It was a fun night. 

I woke up Monday morning feeling run down, bloated and exhausted. I could definitely tell that I ate out too much (ummm…Mexican food three times!) and didn't get enough sleep. So I spent the day hydrating with my Minerals and Antioxidant drink and eating healthy foods, and I went to bed early. Today I'm going to make sure I drink my greens and continue to stay hydrated! 

There will always be weekends or weeks when we eat more than usual or enjoy foods that don't serve us in a positive way to celebrate something. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is to get back to healthy eating right away. 

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