Weekend Recap {Feb. 3-5, 2017}

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The BF and I went to Omaha to continue celebrating his birthday. The one thing he wanted to do this year was go to Omaha and go on a record store tour. 

We had a lot of fun, but I woke up feeling really run down today...sore throat, headache, full sinuses. So I'm staying home from work to get some rest. On my agenda today: green smoothie, Netflix, essential oils, green juice, hot tea, a hot bath and cozy pajamas.

But before I get too cozy, I wanted to share some details from our weekend away...

Saturday, Jan. 5

The BF and I drove to Omaha in the morning. 

We stopped at Flagship Commons for lunch. I had a hummus falafel plate and curry fries at Amsterdam Falafel. It was so delicious. I'm definitely going to try making curry fries at home.

Our first record store stop was Almost Music in the Blackstone District. While the BF looked through vinyl, I went to the Coneflower Creamery. I got vegan peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. It may have been the best ice cream I've ever had. 

While the BF was at Drastic Plastic, I went to the Tea Smith and had an iced green tea. This is when I realized that I should have brought a book. 

I checked out Lotus and the Healing Arts Center while the BF was in Homer's. I bought some chakra candles at Lotus.

We checked into Hotel Deco XV. The hotel was beautiful! 

The BF and I will definitely stay here again. 

We grabbed drinks at the bar in the lobby. 

We still had about an hour before our dinner reservation, so we walked until we found a place to stop for drinks. We stopped at the restaurant inside the Paxton hotel. It was really beautiful and old timey. I had a cranberry limoncello champagne cocktail. 

Then we had the most amazing sushi at Blue Sushi Sake Grill in the Old Market. 

Sunday, Jan. 6

I woke up feeling not so hot. I have a 1-2 drink limit, so any more drinks than that means I'll have a hangover. I had some Minerals & Antioxidants

After getting ready, I made my way to the hotel lobby for coffee and a snack. Hotel Deco doesn't have a breakfast, just to go breakfast items.

We hadn't made plans for breakfast, so we just stopped at the first place we came across. I had a veggie omelet, toast and fries at Jimmy's Egg. It was after 11 a.m., so I felt like the fries were acceptable.

After brunch, we went to Village Pointe. I found an cozy sweater and some amazingly comfortable and flattering pants at Ahleta, and I stocked up on the Healthy Deodorant at Sephora. 

Before heading home, we stopped at Costco. I picked up some of my favorite healthy foods - cashew butter, almond butter, pure maple syrup, Ezekiel bread, avocados, power greens, dates, kale salad mix, quinoa and bell peppers. 

The BF and I have had a great time celebrating his birthday over the last week. We've gone out with friends, gone out for meals, celebrated with my parents and spent a weekend away. It's been great. But I'm feeling a bit run down and bloated from eating out so much. I'm ready to get back to eating well and getting more rest. 

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