Natural remedies for when you're feeling under the weather

Posted February 8, 2017 in natural cold remedies, essential oils, greens, supplements, probiotics, multivitamins, antioxidants, immunity


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It's been a rough week over here. I'm home from work for a second day this week with a gross cold/sinus thing. 

I can't stop sneezing, my eyes won't stop watering, my head is pounding and I'm just exhausted. 

I actually haven't been sick in over a year! I credit my year of health to the fact that I've been on top of my nutrition game...drinking greens almost every day, staying super hydrated, drinking my antioxidant supplement, taking a daily probiotic and multivitamin (which has an antioxidant-rich spice blend) and drinking all the smoothies. I honestly can't believe I made it through last year - a year with a constantly packed schedule and lots of stress - without getting sick. 

It seems like lots of people have been walking around with some kind of sickness lately, so I thought I would share some of the natural remedies I use when I'm sick...

  • Drink greens. Greens can help boost your immunity because of their vitamin C content. If you don't have much of an appetite, drink your greens in the form of a green smoothie or add a greens powder to water. 
  • Drink hot tea with lemon, honey and thieves. This is a combination my friend, Sarah, shared with me a long time ago. I like to use ginger tea because ginger is great for reducing inflammation. Honey can help soothe a sore throat and it has antibacterial properties. 
  • Use a Neti Pot. Nasal irrigation allows you to flush out mucus from your sinuses. It is a bit uncomfortable, but it definitely feels good when it's over. 
  • Take zinc and echinacea. Zinc is said to shorten the length of a cold and echinacea is said to strengthen your immune system. My functional medicine doctor suggest echinacea tea. 
  • Take a probiotic. Your digestive system is linked to your immune system, so when the bacteria in your gut is out of balance, your immune system can be compromised. A probiotic helps create balance in the gut and can help your immune system fully recover. 
  • Enjoy a warm bath or use steam inhalation. Steam can help moisten your nasal passages and help relieve congested sinuses. Take an epsom salt bath. For steam inhalation, heat water to boiling, add a drop or two of an essential oil (optional) and cover your head with a towel to create a tent over the pot of water. Breath through your nose. Don't get too close and if you feel too hot, take a break. 
  • Get extra antioxidants. Antioxidants play an important role in reducing cell damage. Foods like berries are high in antioxidants, but if you don't have an appetite you can add an antioxidant-rich powder to water.
  • Eat a broth based soup. You could just drink bone broth, but a broth based soup works too. My doctor said bone broth is full of nutrients and immunity boosting properties.

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*Always seek the advice of a medical professional when you are ill. I am not a medical professional. The tips shared in this post are for informational purposes only and are based on my own experiences. Don't use the information in place of medical advice. 

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