Weekend Recap {March 23-26, 2017} - Spring Break

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I'm back to work after a glorious four-day weekend. Last week was spring break, and work was painfully slow. So I took last minute vacation days on Thursday and Friday with no plans!

It was the best thing ever to have a long weekend without having to travel somewhere or have a million things to do. I ended up enjoying slow mornings, working on my health coaching business, taking my online business classes, hanging out with my niece, drinking a lot of coffee and eating delicious food.

I'll give you a condensed recap with the highlights since I did a lot of things...

Thursday, March 23

My niece was also on spring break, so she came over for a girls day. First, she wanted protein pancakes. So I whipped up a batch drizzled with cashew butter. 

We did a whole bunch of crafty, DIY, science experiments - homemade play dough, shaving cream slime and homemade silly putty. Glitter everywhere!

After creating a disaster in my kitchen, we did a little shopping for art downtown, visited my mom at work then grabbed lunch at Moe's. I had a tofu rice bowl, which was delicious. 

When we got home, she wanted to (finally) finish my office/yoga space. This has been a nearly two year project. I've had boxes of stuff to get rid of, and it's been holding me back. My niece took charge and forced me to go through the boxes and decide what to do with everything while she cleaned the room and rearranged the furniture. The result is amazing! I have so much more room, and it looks beautiful. I'll do a full blog post on the room soon! Yes, an 11-year old is now my life coach.

Just when I thought she might be running out of energy, she wanted to make energy balls. These ended up being super tasty, and I loved her creativity in making the balls a variety of sizes. You can find the recipe on Instagram.

I ended the day by teaching a restorative yoga class. 

Friday, March 24

A much more chill day - I worked on my health coaching business, took my niece out for a coffee date, went to the gym and walked on the treadmill while listening to a podcast, worked a little more, then went to Beauty and the Beast with my mom, niece and sister-in-law. Beauty and the Beast was so good! 

I'll be real, I was so concerned with ordering her drink without caffeine that I totally spaced and ordered a latte for myself. I drank half of it before I realized there was milk in it. I'm not consuming dairy for health reasons, but I'm not allergic so I don't freak out if I accidentally have it. Honestly, I wouldn't freak out if I had it on purpose either. If I'm really craving something (like pizza - see below), I'll have it. Then I move on. 

Find out more on my thoughts about "cheating" on your diet here.

I spent the evening enjoying some wine in my sweatpants while watching Netflix.

Saturday, March 25

I taught two yoga classes in the morning, then had avocado toast topped with eggs when I got home. I also drank a Minerals & Antioxidant drink during and after yoga.

The BF and I took a trip to Hastings to see his sister who was visiting from Washington. We had lunch at Runza (my grilled chicken sandwich was not even worth mentioning). But Nebraska natives always like to go to Runza when they visit for the actual Runza sandwich, which I don't eat because it has beef in it.

We relaxed all afternoon. Then enjoyed some wine (me) and an old fashioned (him) while we chatted, planned and enjoyed each other's company. 

Then we attempted to get ramen, but the restaurant was sold out. So we went to Flippin Sweet Pizza. I've been avoiding dairy, but I have been craving pizza, so I intended to get my favorite vegetarian/goat cheese pizza. But they were out of one of the main ingredients. The pizza they recommended instead ended up being a crust covered in arugula with, like, three pieces of goat cheese. It wasn't awesome.

We met up with some friends for drinks after, and I ended up ordering truffle fries. 

Sunday, March 26

We slept in late. I made veggie and egg scramble with avocado toast for breakfast. 

I worked on the content for my upcoming 5-Day Real Food Detox. I'm so excited about this program. It's such a great way to jumpstart healthy eating or get rid of out of control cravings. After I finished it, I haven't had nearly as many sugar cravings and I felt and looked less bloated and I had more energy!

I made golden protein milk, took a seaweed bath and read a book. Get my Golden Protein Milk recipe here

Get the book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life, here.

I meal planned, the BF and I picked up some groceries, then I meal prepped for the week. I'll share more on my meal prep in another post. 

For dinner, I had leftover pizza with extra goat cheese. 


It was definitely challenging coming back to work today after a long weekend, especially having a few days to work on my business at my leisure. I loved that freedom!

But I have some exciting things coming up this week...I'm teaching two in-person wellness workshops, I'm teaching a 4-week beginner yoga series and I'll continue making my way through my online business classes. 


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